Easy Art for Kids Using Markers and Googly Eyes

Art for kids does not have to be complex and involve tons of materials.  Often just a few supplies can inspire all kinds of creativity! Here’s a simple invitation to create using markers and googly eyes!

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Simple Invitation to Create with Googly Eyes & Markers from Buggy and Buddy

Most days I don’t have time to prepare an intricate art project or lesson for the kids. That’s why I just love simple invitations to create and play! Often I just go in my art cabinet, grab a few materials that catch my eye, and set them up on the table for the kids to use either in the morning or after school.

Our most recent invitation to create came about exactly like the situation above. Theo had a friend come over for a few hours so I grabbed a few art materials that I thought might inspire some creating, placed them on the table, and let them go! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Art for Kids: Invitation to Create with Markers and Googly Eyes

Simple Invitation to Create with Googly Eyes and Markers

Materials for Art Project

googly eyes


This invitation was set up for my 2 1/2 year old and his 3 year old friend, but it would be fun for even older children as well!

Both Theo and Miss B. dove right in! Theo was so excited to draw circles. (It’s a skill he just recently developed so he’s always drawing circles at any opportunity!)

Toddler drawing cirlces


He then glued eyes in his circles and told me who each person was that he had created. Together we labeled each person. Theo would tell me who the person was, and I’d model writing the corresponding name above his drawing.

Gluing googly eyes


Theo finished his art work with all kinds of curvy and energetic lines!

Toddler art with googly eyes


Theo’s 3 year old friend, Miss B., also got busy creating her googly-eyed people! She added some arms and legs and even a sun up above.

Simple Invitation to Create with Googly Eyes and Markers


Both kids were very focused and proud of their work. I just loved observing the kids create! It’s always so fun to see where their little imaginative brains take them!

supplies being used for project


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  1. I love using the googly eyes in art! These colorful ones are so fun 🙂

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