DIY Fabric Gift Wrap (Furoshiki)

Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping with cloth, is the perfect method of gift wrap for holidays and birthdays. Not only is it gorgeous, but it serves as a gift in itself since it can be reused by the recipient! Here’s some different methods of creating this homemade and reusable “wrapping paper” using fabric.

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How to make your own reusable gift wrap from fabric (Also know as Furoshiki~


What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for wrapping just about anything from gifts to snacks.

I was recently introduced to the art of Furoshiki by one of our good friends when she presented a gift to me wrapped in beautiful cloth. The fabric was simply tied around the gift- no string or tape involved. I absolutely loved the idea of reusable gift wrap and have since used the same piece of fabric to package other things. (Just last week I wrapped Lucy’s school snack up in it and stuck it in her backpack. And I’m sure eventually the wrapping cloth will be used on a gift and presented to someone else!)

I loved the idea of Furoshiki so much that I knew we’d be doing some related projects with it during the holiday season. Here’s a few options for creating your own Furoshiki. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Make your own reusable gift wrap from fabric

DIY Reusable Gift Wrap Using Fabric (Furoshiki)- Perfect for Christmas gift wrapping!

How to Make and Use Reusable Wrapping “Paper”

Paint a Bandana

This is a really fun method for both kids and adults! Buy some solid colored bandanas to use for your fabric. The edges are already finished so there’s no sewing involved! All you’ll need to do is decorate the bandanas.

Before decorating your bandana, be sure to protect your work area with newspaper, and place some wax paper under the bandana so the paint doesn’t stick to it once it dries.

To make our design, we first used stencil brushes to stencil green fern leaves all over the bandana using green acrylic paint.


stencil designs onto your homemade gift wrap


Once the paint had dried, we used cotton swabs to dab colorful dots all the over the ferns, turning them into Christmas trees! (The paint in a few of the bottles was a bit thick so I watered it down a bit to prevent it from cracking once it dried.)


use cotton swabs to make colorful dots


Here’s how it looked finished.


DIY Fabric Giftwrap


Although we decorated with stencils, you could also just paint directly onto the fabric using a brush. Another option is to use these fabric pastels by Pentel. You simply color on the fabric and then iron the design to set it. The kids would love coloring their own fabric gift wrap!

The only drawback to the bandana method is the fabric tends to be very lightweight so colored packages can be seen through the light colors, but, it’s perfect for wrapping all those little white boxes!


Make your own reusable gift wrap from fabric! (Homemade Furoshiki) ~


Marble Fabric

Marbled fabric looks absolutely gorgeous and would make for some beautiful fabric gift wrap. It takes a bit of time to set up the project, but the results are well worth it. Be sure to check out our post on marbling fabric!


Homemade gift wrap using fabric

Sew Your Own Wrapping Cloth

If you enjoy sewing, one of the simplest methods to make your own wrapping cloth is to buy some fabric in a design you like, cut it into a square, and finish the edges (just like how I made our reusable cloth napkins for the kids’ lunches).  That’s basically it! You’ll just want to keep in mind what size square  you will need for your gift, and be sure the fabric is opaque enough that your gift won’t be visible through it.


Sew your own Furoshiki

How to Tie Your Package

Wrapping the gift is easy. Just place your fabric onto a flat surface with the pretty side down. Put your gift in the center. Grab two opposite corners and knot them over the gift. Do the same with the remaining two ties. You’re done!


How to Tie Fabric Gift Wrap


DIY Fabric Gift Wrap (Furoshiki)

More Furoshiki Resources

  • The book Wrapping with Fabric explains more about the history of Furoshiki and gives all kinds of different wrapping techniques.
  • Chewing the Cud makes all kinds of fabrics for wrapping. I love this blue and white one!

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DIY Fabric Gift Wrap: Make your own reusable wrapping paper from fabric- 3 easy ways! Perfect for Christmas, Earth Day, and Birthdays. Makes a fun craft for kids of all ages! (Furoshiki) ~


  1. I’ve been wondering how to do this, and it’s actually so simple! I totally love the way your fabrics turned out. Now my brain’s exploding with ideas of fabric I want to dye and paint and stencil and whatever all over to wrap presents with!

  2. I love this! So pretty and the marbled one is making me drool…..

  3. I’ve have such along love of Furoshiki style wrappings and your thoughtful fern rendering feels like such a perfect pairing for this style. Who wouldn’t feel touched to receive a present wrapped like this. It’s just lovely, Chelsea – lovely.

  4. WOW!! I never knew about this technique – love it Chelsey – gorgeous wrap!


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