Fine Motor Sun Craft for Kids

Looking for a fun and easy summer craft for kids? Then you’ll love our fine motor sun craft! It’s so easy to make and only requires a few common craft supplies. And the best part-not only is it super fun to create, but it allows for all kinds of fine motor and math skills practice too!

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Summer Crafts for Kids: Fine Motor Sun Craft ~ Buggy and Buddy


*This post was originally published on June 9, 2014 and has sine been updated.

This week I’ll be collaborating with four of my favorite kid bloggers in our newest series-Summer Play Days! Over the next three days we’ll each be sharing creative ways to encourage play and learning centered around the summer season for a total of 15 summer play ideas for kids!

After reading all about our sun paper plate craft, be sure to check out the summer play ideas from the other participants at the end of this post! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Fine Motor Sun Craft for Kids

Materials for Sun Craft for Kids

Supplies for Paper Plate Sun Craft

Directions for Making Sun Craft for Kids

1. Start by punching small holes around the outside of your paper plate.

2. Cut your yellow pipe cleaners in half so they are about 6 inches long. Stick one pipe cleaner through each hole and secure the end by twisting it tightly.

Twist pipe cleaners onto paper plate to create sun craft


3. Cut your yellow straws into small pieces. (Ours were about one inch in length.) We used both yellow plastic straws and yellow striped paper straws.

Cut up straws to use on pipe cleaners


4. First you’ll be making the sun rays! Slide the straw pieces onto each pipe cleaner.

toddler created sun craft for summer


5. Once you are done building the sun rays, it’s time to decorate the center. We scrunched up yellow tissue paper squares into balls and glued them in the center of our plate. I love how the tissue paper gives it such a neat texture!

glue tissue paper onto sun craft


6. We also added some yellow jewels!

add some yellow or gold jewels to the sun craft for kids


1. As with any craft or art project for kids, allow for child input and decision making. Lucy (my 6 year old) was so excited to make her very own sun craft and decided to fill it with all kinds of colored jewels rather than just the yellow.

Summer Crafts for Kids: Paper Plate Sun Craft


2. If your child is ready for some math learning and receptive to it, you can use the straws and pipe cleaners to practice all kinds of math skills.

  • Count how many straw pieces fit on a pipe cleaner.
  • Create a pattern with your straw pieces on the pipe cleaner.
  • Predict how many straw pieces will fit on your pipe cleaner and try it out. Was your estimate higher, lower, or equal to the actual amount.

This sun craft for kids provides a great opportunity for counting and patterning! ~ Buggy and Buddy


3. If you don’t have any straws, use some tube-shaped pasta instead! Here’s how we dyed our own pasta and used it in a similar craft- Fine Motor Octopus.

4. This project can even be done together. My 6 year old loved helping her little brother make his sun craft!

Summer Crafts for Kids: Fine Motor Sun Craft ~ Buggy and Buddy

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Summer Crafts for Kids: Fine Motor Sun Craft


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  1. Great activity! My little guy will have fun with it!

  2. What a happy craft! We will definitely be making these. Perfect for summer!

  3. This is such a bright and sunny craft – and so full of learning too! Love it!

  4. What a great craft. Pinning this for a rainy day activity to remind us what the sun looks like! #pintorials

  5. I love that this an adorable craft in and of itself that has a fine motor component.

  6. I love the final result. This is such a great activity for multiaged children too! Thanks for sharing at the After School Linky Party!


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