Art for Kids Using Crayons and Sandpaper

In our newest art for kids activity, we’ll be using crayons and sandpaper to create! The sandpaper will be used as the canvas for our crayon artwork, and then we’ll turn the finished drawings into sun catchers!  

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Great sensory art activity for kids! (Drawing on Sandpaper with Crayons & Melted Crayon Art Sun Catchers! ~ Buggy and Buddy) I’m so thrilled to be teaming up again with some super creative bloggers in the Easy Art Projects for Kids Series! Our last post in the series was Splatter Paint & Tape Resist Art! This week we’re focusing on crayon art. Be sure to check out all the fun crayon art projects for kids shared by the other participating blogs. I’ve included their links at the end of this post! (This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support!)

Art for Kids Using Crayons and Sandpaper

Drawing on Sandpaper

My kids probably use crayons almost everyday for drawing and coloring, whether it be on our easel or in their art journals. I thought it’d be fun to explore a new way to use crayons by drawing on sandpaper!

Drawing on Sandpaper with Crayons

We bought sandpaper in a variety of grit sizes to use for our artwork. We were curious if the various textures would affect how our crayon drawings looked.

creating art with crayons and sandpaper

The kids and I sat down together at the kitchen table and began drawing on the sandpaper. Lucy noticed how the crayons felt funny as they ran across the sandpaper. She also pointed out that the drawings were a bit harder to see on the coarser sandpaper. 

Art for Kids: Drawing on Sandpaper with Crayons

This was a wonderful sensory art project for Theo. After each mark he made on the sandpaper, he’d run his finger over it to see how it felt. 

Sensory Art for Toddlers with Sandpaper and Crayons

Melted Crayon Art- Sun Catchers

After making all our drawings, we couldn’t resist turing our finished artwork into melted crayon art! We were so excited to see what would happen to our pictures if we warmed them with an iron onto some paper.

melted crayon art using sandpaper

I covered our surface with a towel, and then turned on our iron and set it to medium. I placed our crayon art face down onto some blank paper and ran the iron slowly over it for about 10-15 seconds. (You might want to protect your iron by placing another piece of paper between your sandpaper and iron.) 

After warming the sandpaper we gently lifted it up to find out what happened. The crayon had melted onto the blank paper creating a duplicate of our original picture. So fun! And the melted crayon art had a unique look to it because of the texture of the sandpaper. 

melted crayon art from sandpaper

When we held up the melted crayon art, we noticed that the melted wax had made the paper more translucent. As we saw the sunlight go through the paper we just knew we had to make the melted crayon art into sun catchers for our window! 

Art for Kids: Sun Catchers Made From Crayons and Sandpaper

We cut out some frames from construction paper and placed our artwork inside. Then we hung them in the window to admire! 

Art for Kids: Drawing on Sandpaper with Crayons

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  1. SO fun! I love when you get into a project and then another idea pops into your head, so you have to bop on to the next idea to see what THAT will look like. I’m pretty sure we have some sandpaper around here I can dig out for today. Our giant crayon box is still out, of course. :)
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Popsicle Stick Art – Trace ‘Em!My Profile

  2. I LOVE this! What a cool way to do a suncatcher- you know I’m a sucker for those ;)

  3. I just love how this project is extended into a second activity and sun catchers!
    Ana recently posted…Easy Art for Kids: Crayon PaintingMy Profile

  4. Chelsey, awesome post and pictures.. We love crayons and sandpaper too and your suncatcher is gorgeous.
    Suja recently posted…Spring Crafts for kids : Birds and butterfly mobilesMy Profile

  5. Wow! It amazes me some of the creative things people come up with to do with every day items. Thanks for sharing! That’s really neat!
    Alicia Owen recently posted…Chicken Update 3/27/14My Profile

  6. These turned out fabulous. I love the sensory experience of drawing on sandpaper too! Great idea to turn them in to sun-catchers – we are going to have try that soon.
    Rachel Kaylynn recently posted…Color Blending Coffee Filter RainbowsMy Profile


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