Valentine’s Day Activities: Making Words (Free Printable)

Here is an easy, printable Valentine’s Day activity for kids providing practice with spelling and letter sounds- a valentine themed making words worksheet.

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Valentine's Day Making Words (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


Back when I was a classroom teacher I loved using making words activities. Now I’m so excited to be able to do this activity at home with my daughter!

If you’re not familiar with making words, it’s basically a hands-on activity for kids to make various words by moving letters around. Instead of children having every letter of the alphabet in front of them, kids are given a smaller set of letters to choose from. Allowing children the freedom to create words helps them focus on how moving letters changes the sound and meaning of words. It’s a great way to reinforce letter sounds and spelling in a fun way! (This post contains affiliate links.)

This free printable is a very basic making words activity. You can use it in either an open-ended or structured way. I’ll show you both methods in the directions below.


Materials for Valentine’s Day Making Words

Valentine's Day Themed Making Words (FREE Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy

Directions for Valentine’s Day Making Words

In this activity you’ll be creating as many words as you can using the letters from the word ‘valentine’.

1. Lightly color in the vowels in the word ‘valentine’ at the bottom of the paper. This helps remind children that each word they create in the activity needs at least one vowel. We usually use red, but you can use any color you’d like.


Valentine's Day Themed Making Words Lesson (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


2. Cut off the bottom portion of the paper. Then cut each letter apart so you have nine letters. (Throw your scraps away so you have plenty of room to work.)


Valentine's Day Themed Making Words Lesson (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


3. Use the letters you cut out to make words. Write each word you create in the correct column based on how many letters are used to form the word.


Valentine's Day Themed Making Words Lesson (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


Open-ended Method

Allow children to come up with all the words they can on their own.

Valentine's Day Themed Making Words Lesson (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


Structured Method

In this method you’ll be calling out words for your child to build and then write. Words will progress in difficulty as you work through the list.

When I use this method with Lucy, I first say the word. Then she helps me segment the word orally (break it apart into sounds). She then builds the word and checks it by saying the sounds aloud as she touches each letter. Once she’s successfully built the word, she writes it in the correct column on her paper.

Valentine's Day Themed Making Words Lesson (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


Below is a list of words you can use for the structured method. Be sure to do them in order. Remember, your child is not looking at this list. You are saying the word aloud to him/her.

  1. it
  2. in
  3. an
  4. tan
  5. ant
  6. net
  7. let
  8. vet
  9. line
  10. live
  11. alive
  12. eaten
  13. inlet
  14. valentine


You can even help your child along with little clues. For example, imagine your child has already built the first word ‘it’ and still has the letters in front of him/her. To help your child with the second word you might say, “What is the ending sound of the word ‘it’? Yes, /t/. We’re going to remove the /t/ sound and replace it with another sound to make the word ‘in’.”


Valentine's Day Themed Making Words Lesson (Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


For longer words, break the word into syllables and work on one syllable at a time. For example in the word ‘eaten’, first spell ‘eat’ and then ‘en’.

Keep an eye on your child’s frustration level. Once it becomes too difficult, help them along. You can work on it together!



  • If your child is not yet comfortable writing, then just eliminate that part of the activity. They can simply build the words.
  • Watch your child’s frustration level. This activity is meant to be fun and a little challenging, but not frustrating. Modify it based on your child’s comfort level.


Free Valentine's Day Printable Spelling Activity: Valentine themed making words- practice letter sounds and spelling in this hands-on language arts activity.


  1. I always loved using making words activities in the classroom, too! Thanks for the great resource.

  2. We used to play this as a game when we were in school! It was a race to know who could make the most words! It is a fab game 🙂

  3. I love how you separated the words according to number of letters! I need to make a Spanish version of this too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful activity. Can’t wait to use it!!

  4. Oh my goodness! I’ve been putting off “making words out of a big word” kind of things because I thought it would be too hard for my kids. Why didn’t I ever think to make it so you can cut up the letters and move them?? Genius!


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