Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters (Sewing Tutorial)

These stuffed felt letters are our absolute favorite homemade toy (both kids learned to spell their names using them). These felt letters make a great homemade gift for a birthday or for Christmas and are a wonderful addition to a preschool classroom too! Here’s how to make your own set of felt stuffed letters perfect for practicing […]

12 DIY Wings to Make for Kid Costumes

Here’s a collection of DIY wing tutorials for kids’ costumes. You’ll find directions for making butterfly wings, fairy wings, and more! These DIY wings are perfect for dress up play, birthday parties, and Halloween. Follow our Creative Play Pinterest board!   Kids always love imaginative play and dressing up, whether it be for Halloween or […]

Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings (Tutorial)

These felt monarch butterfly wings are very simple to make and make a great Halloween costume or a cute addition to dress up play. Just pair the wings with some black leggings and a black top, you’ve got the perfect monarch butterfly costume!  (We actually will be wearing ours to our upcoming local butterfly festival and parade.)   Follow Buggy and Buddy on […]

How to Make Cloth Napkins for Your Child’s Lunch Box

I’m so excited to share a simple cloth napkin tutorial with you, perfect for making cute napkins for your child’s lunch! You can even make special napkins for holidays and seasons and the best part- you’ll be reducing waste! Don’t worry, this tutorial is perfect for the beginner sewer too!  Follow Buggy and Buddy on Pinterest! […]

DIY Wooden Roads and Ramps for Toy Cars

Here’s how to make wooden roads and ramps for toy cars. These DIY car tracks are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play and is super easy to make! Follow our Cars, Trucks, and Trains Pinterest board!     My son’s most favorite toy in the world is Hot Wheels. I don’t think a day goes by […]

DIY Applique Shirt for St. Patrick’s Day

Do you have your green ready to wear for Saint Patrick’s Day? Here’s a super easy DIY applique shirt you can make for your child to wear. It literally can be done in less than an hour and is even perfect for the most beginner of sewers. (I promise!) Follow our St. Patrick’s Day for Kids […]

DIY Bat Costume for Kids: Bat Wings and Bat Ears

Here’s a simple DIY bat costume you can make from just a few materials. The felt bat wings and headband ears are a perfect Halloween costume or can be a fun prop for imaginative play! Follow our Halloween for Kids Pinterest board!     A few weeks ago I made some monarch butterfly wings from felt. I had […]

Make Your Own Felt Board (Tutorial)

Making your own felt board (or flannel board) is very easy and inexpensive. You can do it in about 15 minutes and need only a few supplies.  Here’s how to make your own felt board for home or school! Follow our Children’s Books & Activities Pinterest board!   We use felt boards (or flannel boards) often […]