Creating Math Patterns with Golf Tees

Here’s a fun fine motor math activity for preschool and kindergarten- pounding math patterns! In this hands-on math activity, children will create patterns by pounding golf tees into styrofoam pieces.

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Practice Math Patterns with Golf Tees and a Mallet! (Fun fine motor preschool activity!) ~


Recently we created turkeys for Thanksgiving using a mallet and golf tees. Theo (age 4) used this same technique to practice math patterns! He loved this math activity, and it provided him with a great opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills too. This post contains affiliate links.


Math Patterns Using Golf Tees

Materials for Math Pattern Activity


pounding math patterns with golf tees and a mallet

Directions for Math Pattern Activity

1. I began the activity by starting a simple AB pattern on the styrofoam block. I showed Theo how to use the mallet to pound the golf tees into the styrofoam as I started the pattern. Theo and I said the pattern aloud together, and he finished it on his own.


preschool math pattern activity using golf tees


2. We then talked about another pattern we could do. This time we created an AAB pattern with the golf tees.


making math patterns with golf tees


3. Theo then removed the golf tees and created his own patterns all on his own!




  • When you’re done, take the out the golf tees and create more patterns.
  • This activity can also be used for counting practice. Children can pound golf tees into the styrofoam and count them when they are finished.
  • Place some loose parts (like buttons or scraps of paper) and books about patterns near the activity to create an interactive pattern center for kids to explore.


Preschool Fine Motor Math Activity: Make Patterns with Golf Tees and a Mallet!

Our Favorite Picture Books about Math Patterns

Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris

Pattern Bugs by Trudy Harris

Pattern (Math Counts) by Henry Arthur Pluckrose



Fine Motor Math Activity: Create patterns with golf tees and styrofoam! Easy hands-on activity for preschool and kindergarten! ~


  1. This is a great activity for patterning. I love how interactive you made the activity as well as the focus on fine motor skills. Fabulous!


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