Fine Motor Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Here’s a fun turkey craft that also allows for lots of fine motor practice– a golf tee turkey! This fine motor activity is perfect for preschoolers and makes a cute centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

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Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers: Fine Motor Turkey Craft


Theo (age 4) absolutely loves any activity involving using his hands, so I knew he’d love this fine motor turkey craft! He literally spent almost an hour happily banging golf tees to make his finished turkey!

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Fine Motor Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Materials for Fine Motor Turkey Craft


Directions for Fine Motor Turkey Craft

1. Paint your styrofoam with brown paint and let it dry completely.


paint your half ball of styrofoam brown


2. Now the fun part- use your mallet to pound golf tees all over your half sphere to represent turkey feathers. Theo just went to town with this!


Fine Motor Turkey Activity for Preschoolers Using Golf Tees and a Mallet


3. Once your child is done adding golf tees to the turkey, it’s time to add your turkey head. Cut out two circles from brown construction paper, an orange triangle, a red waddle, and two eyes. (We used googly eyes.)


4. Glue your pieces together.


make a paper turkey


5. Attach your turkey head to the styrofoam body. You might have to remove a couple golf tees to make room for the head. (We used glue dots to attach the head to the body.)


Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers: Fine Motor Turkey Craft


Display your finished turkey craft!


Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers: Fine Motor Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving Activity and Craft for Kids: Fine Motor Turkey- Fine motor activity for preschoolers. Can also be a Thanksgiving centerpiece! ~


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