How to Make Egg Carton Flowers

Save those empty egg cartons and use them to make colorful egg carton flowers. This is such a simple and gorgeous craft for kids to make in spring or for Mother’s Day!

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how to make flowers using egg cartons- craft for kids

The kids and I love making flower crafts using egg cartons. (In the past we’ve made egg carton sunflowers and egg carton bluebells. Be sure to check them out!) You can pretty much cut egg cartons to resemble any type of flower you’d like and paint them any color. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make basic egg carton flowers.  You can glue them onto popsicle sticks or homemade greeting cards for a cool 3-D effect! (This post contains affiliate links.)


How to Make Egg Carton Flowers


Materials for Egg Carton Flowers


Directions for Making Egg Carton Flowers

1. Cut apart your egg carton so you have 12 round sections.


2. Cut out triangular pieces from the edge of your egg carton section, making pointy looking petals.


3. Gently press the petals down.


craft for kids- how to make egg carton flowers


4. Paint your egg carton flowers with acrylic or tempera paint. Let them dry.


craft for kids- how to make egg carton flowers


5. Add a center to your flowers. You can simply paint a center or use other crafting materials for your center like scrunched up tissue paper, paper circles, pom poms etc.


6. Glue your egg carton flowers to a homemade greeting card or to some popsicle sticks or straws!

craft for kids- how to make egg carton flowers


How to Make Egg Carton Flowers: Easy flower craft for kids and perfect for spring or Mother's Day! ~


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