Garden Themed Process Art for Preschoolers with Vegetable Stamping

Preschoolers can explore vegetable stamping while creating their own garden art! This fun process art project for kids is perfect for any unit on gardening or plants and only requires a few materials.

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Garden Process Art Project for Preschoolers with Vegetable Stamping ~

Recently I had the opportunity to create some garden art with 3 and 4 year olds in Theo’s preschool classroom. I provided a few simple materials for creating and modeled how to use vegetables for stamping and then let the kids go at it!

I loved watching how each child approached the project in a different way. Some students seemed to have a plan as they were creating, knowing exactly what they wanted their gardens to look like, while others just became absorbed in the process, and their artwork was constantly changing. A few preschoolers even turned their art into a story, telling me all about what was going on in their gardens as they were painting! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Garden Art Project for Preschoolers with Vegetable Stamping


Garden-Themed Process Art for Preschoolers with Vegetable Stamping

Materials for Garden-Themed Process Art

  • Paper to paint on (We used brown cardstock similar to this, but you could also use regular art paper or even some cut up paper grocery bags.)
  • Tempera paint in brown and green (This is my favorite tempera paint!)
  • Paintbrush
  • Various vegetables to use for stamping (We used celery, turnips, and brussels spouts.)
  • Optional: Seeds or beans and liquid glue


Directions for Creating Garden Art

1. Prep your vegetables for stamping. I cut some small stubs of celery and trimmed the tops off of a few brussels sprouts. Theo’s teacher added some turnip tops to vegetable selection!


2. Place your cut vegetables on a paper plate with green tempera paint to use for stamping. The kids will use the vegetables and green tempera paint to stamp plants in their gardens.

stamping with vegetables and paint


3. On a separate paper plate (or other container) place some brown tempera paint and some paintbrushes. This will be used to make the soil in the garden.


4. Before beginning our artwork, we observed the different shapes of the vegetable surfaces and talked about how to use them for stamping.

Kids were then invited to begin creating on their papers! Some children painted their dirt first and then stamped their plants into their gardens. Others did the exact opposite- stamped some plants and painted dirt around them. Most of the kids alternated back and forth between the two paints!

Making garden art with vegetable stamping


5. Optional: Once the kids are finished you can invite them to glue some seeds or beans onto their gardens.

Garden Craft for Preschoolers with Vegetable Stamping


I think it would be fun to do this project at various times throughout the year using seasonal vegetables and fruits. I can see pumpkin patches and apple orchards being made in the fall!

Garden Art Project for Preschoolers with Vegetable Stamping

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