Farm Animal Craft for Kids- Cute Paper Cow

Here’s a simple and fun farm animal craft for kids! You’ll need some construction paper, paint, glue, and scissors to make this cute cow craft.

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 Farm Animal Cow Craft~ Buggy and Buddy


I’m pulling out an oldie, but goodie, back from my Kindergarten teaching days~ an adorable cow craft! I love that it involves various fine motor skills for little ones to practice and results in something children are so proud of! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Materials for Cow Craft for Kids


1. Paint some brown cow spots on your white construction paper, and let it dry.

Paint the cow spots on paper with brown tempera paint


2. Once the painted paper is dry, it’s time to cut out the pieces for the face.  You’ll need a large oval, a large triangle (with the tip cut off or left in place- this part will be covered anyway),  and two ear shapes. (If doing this with young children, I find it easier to make some tracers ahead of time for these shapes, and then allow the kids to trace and cut them out.)

Cut out pieces for cow craft


3. Glue the pieces together to form the beginnings of the cow.

glue cow face together


4. Now it’s time to add the details.

  • Cut out some large white circles for the eyes and glue them in place. Cut out some smaller black circles and glue them on top of the white eyes.
  • Cut out some little pieces of black paper for the nostrils and glue in place. (Or you could simply draw them with a black crayon or marker.)
  • Cut out a yellow bell and glue below the face. You can have your child write his or her name on the bell.
  • Cut some little pieces of brown yarn and glue right on top of the head.  Let it dry. Proudly display your finished work!


Farm Animal Cow Craft~ Buggy and Buddy



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