7 of Our Favorite Rainbow Crafts and Rainbow Learning Activities

With spring getting so close, it’s the perfect time to start doing some rainbow crafts and activities with the kids!

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7 of Our Favorite Rainbow Crafts & Learning Activities for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


We’ve been having so much fun with rainbow crafts and learning activities on Buggy and Buddy! Here’s a roundup of our most favorite! Have you tried any of these yet?

Our Favorite Rainbow Crafts and Rainbow Learning Activities from Buggy and Buddy

1. Have fun creating this unique rainbow art for kids! We used a super fun painting technique to create all the colors on the rainbow, and making the 3D clouds was fun too!

Unique Rainbow Art for Kids


2. You can create real rainbows using old CD’s and a flashlight! The kids always love seeing the different designs they can create by making various rainbow reflections!

rainbow reflection science


3. Oil pastels and watercolors were our art material of choice for this bright rainbow art for kids!

Rainbow Art for Kids- Buggy and Buddy


4. Have you ever made your own rainbow ribbon dancing rings? These are one of our favorite homemade toys! The kids use them all the time to dance and twirl. They’re great fairy accessories too!

Dancing Ribbon Ring Tutorial


5. Why not combine some science and art by making these homemade kazoos? The kids had fun exploring sound and painting their kazoos all kinds of rainbow colors!

Exploring Sound with a Homemade Kazoo~ Buggy and Buddy


6. You can explore all the colors of the rainbow using this chromatography science experiment for kids! And the best part is the results provide materials perfect for making colorful butterflies!

Science for Kids: Chromatography Butterflies


7. Have you ever made your own lantern using a mason jar? This is such a fun craft for kids! You can decorate your jars with all kinds of colorful tissue paper and wooden beads!

lantern craft for kids


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7 Creative Rainbow Crafts and Rainbow Learning Activities: for spring, a unit on weather, or St. Patrick's Day! Including rainbow art projects, homemade instrument, rainbow science and more!


  1. Thank you for adding some non-fiction books about rainbows. I can’t wait to share them with my class.


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