Exploring the Density of Liquids with Salt

This modified version of a lava lamp is definitely one of our favorite cool science experiments! It’s a super fun way for kids to explore the density of liquids using materials you have right in your kitchen. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     We have a lot of cool science experiments for kids […]

Exploring Bubble Patterns

Bubbles are round when they’re floating in the air, but have you ever noticed the different shapes they become with they’re touching other bubbles? In this fun science and math activity for kids, we’ll be looking at the many bubble patterns created when multiple bubbles are touching. Follow our STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids Pinterest […]

Baking Soda and Vinegar Science: Dancing Rice

Make rice dance with this cool baking soda and vinegar science experiment for kids! You’ll just need a few items from your kitchen to create this exciting science activity. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   My kids always love science explorations involving baking soda and vinegar. The chemical reaction created by these two ingredients […]

Chemical Reactions: Make a Penny Turn Green (with free printable)

Chemical reactions are always surprising for kids to observe! In this science activity we’ll be turning a penny green (similar to what happens to The Statue of Liberty!) Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Chemical reactions are such a great way to pique a child’s curiosity. This experiment involving a chemical reaction is […]

Simple Machine Science: Launching Ping Pong Balls with a Lever

This simple machine science activity for kids is perfect for any time of year, but we’ve put a winter spin on it. We’ll be exploring the relationship between a lever and fulcrum by launching ping pong ball snowmen in this fun STEM activity for kids! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   (This post contains affiliate […]

12 Science Experiments and Activities for Kids You Can Do Right Now

Looking for a fun science activity you can do right now with the kids? Here are 12 of our favorite science activities and science experiments for kids that require materials you probably already have at home! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how […]

Science for Kids: Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves

Our latest science experiments for kids is all about leaves! We used colored water to observe how liquids move through the leaves of plants. This post also includes a free printable recording sheet. NGSS: Disciplinary Core Idea LS1.C Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest Board!   With all the new growth in our yard this spring, […]

Science for Kids: Exploring the Surface Tension of Water with Paperclips

Science for kids is one of our favorite topics, and this science activity is a fun one! Kids will have fun predicting how many paperclips they can fit in a full glass of water, and actually trying it out for themselves. This science experiment exploring the surface tension of water always seems to surprise the kids! […]