Spider Web Science Activity for Kids

Kids will experience how a spider evaluates the size of its prey with this easy spider web science activity. It’s perfect the perfect STEM addition to a unit on spiders or to do during Halloween!

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Halloween Science Activity for Kids: Learn about Spider Web Vibrations! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


Lucy and Theo had fun learning about spiders and their webs with this easy science activity for kids. All you need is some yarn or string, a place to make a web, and some kids excited to learn!

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Spider Web Science Activity for Kids

Materials for Spider Web Science


Procedure for Spider Web Science Activity

1. Start by building a web with your yarn or string. (I used black yarn so it’d be more visible in the photos, but you could use white to better resemble a real spider web.) You’ll need to find someplace stable you can tie your yarn. (We used two chairs.)

Tie strings of yarn across the two chairs. Make sure the yarn is taut.


spider web science activity for kids


Weave some long pieces of yarn around the yarn attached to the chairs, tying in certain areas as you go.


spider web science activity for kids


(I added one of our pom pom spiders just to make it more realistic!)


spider web science experiment for kids


2. Have one child hold onto the web and close his/her eyes (or in my case- have some superheroes grab on to the web). Have the other child pluck the string- sometimes lightly and sometimes firmly. (Make sure to pluck one of the taught strings rather than one of the woven strings.) The child with his/her eyes closed can feel different degrees of vibrations as the other child is plucking the string.


Halloween Science for Kids: Learn about Spider Webs and Spiders


3. Switch and let the other child have a turn.



  • You don’t have to build an elaborate web to do this experiment. Simply tie one string across two stationary objects.
  • When you’re done, use your web for a Halloween decoration! (Or, like my kids, use it in your superhero imaginary play- LOL! It became a place for the superheroes to get trapped!)

What’s Happening?

When the string is plucked, it causes it to vibrate. A small pluck will result in a weak vibration while a firmer pluck will make a more brisk vibration.

Spiders can feel the vibrations in their web with sensory hairs on their legs.  If a spider senses a weak vibration, it will ignore it. If the vibration is too large, the spider will know the cause of the movement would most likely be a predator rather than prey and will stay away. A vibration of just the right amount will signal to the spider it might have caught something to eat!


Halloween Science for Kids: Learn about Spider Webs and Spiders

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Halloween Science and STEM for Kids: Learn about spider webs and vibrations in this easy science demonstration for preschool, kindergarten and on up! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. Love this Chelsey – our garden is absolutely full of big juicy spiders right now, had no idea they could use virbration on the web to spot danger, so clever!


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