Process Art: Friendly Monster Collage Using Colored Glue

Here’s a fun process art project perfect for Halloween– a friendly monster collage! Just grab some glue and craft materials you have around the house or classroom and invite your kids to create their own monster collages.

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Process Art for Kids: Friendly Monster Collages Using Colored Glue


All the credit for this process art project goes to my daughter, Lucy! I walked into the art room one day to find her making colored glue all on her own and creating these monster collages. I love how open-ended this art project is, making it perfect for just about any age. Both Theo (preschool) and Lucy (2nd grade) had fun with this one! This post contains affiliate links.


Friendly Monster Collage Using Colored Glue

Materials for Friendly Monster Collage Process Art Project


halloween process art for kids: Monster Collages

Directions for Friendly Monster Collage Using Colored Glue

1. Start by making your colored glue. Pour some liquid glue into a small container and add a few squirts of liquid watercolor paint or food coloring. Mix it up completely.


how to make colored glue


2. Use your paintbrush to paint any shape with the colored glue onto your art paper. This will be your monster! (Lucy chose to paint her monster using cotton swabs.)


monster art for preschoolers using colored glue


3. Stick some googly eyes and sequins (or any other craft materials you have) right onto your monster.


glue monster collage art for kids


(Because the painting is glue, the craft materials stick right on, rather than tempera paint that dries quickly.)


preschool process art for Halloween


4. Let your monster collage dry completely.


halloween monster art for kids


5. Leave it as is or cut it out and display!


Process Art for Kids: Friendly Monster Collages Using Colored Glue


Process Art for Kids: Make Glue Monsters! Fun for Halloween! ~


  1. Ahh yes, those proud momma moments when all the hard work pays off and the wee artist is found creating alone! AWESOME! Mine just won first place in an art drawing in our local fall fair… ENJOY! Thanks to Licy for this fabbbb idea!

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