May Calendar for Kids (Free Printable)

The May learning calendar for kids is up and ready to be printed! This calendar printable PDF is a great way to practice various math skills with your child or students.  (Click here for learning calendars from previous months.) 

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Please remember that every child learns at a different pace. When trying any activity with  your child or students, the goal is to challenge them, but not for them to reach their frustration level. If you notice your child becoming frustrated, it’s time to step back and modify the activity.

 May Learning Calendar for Kids (Free Printable PDF)~ Buggy and Buddy

May Learning Calendar for Kids PDF


Using the Learning Calendars in the Classroom

At the beginning of the school year, the class and I would complete these monthly learning calendars together. I’d have my calendar printable on the overhead while the students had theirs in front of them on their desks. We’d first number all the days of the month. This gives the students practice writing their numbers at least up to 30 (or 31 for the longer months).  After writing the ‘1’ on the first day of the month, I would walk around the classroom to be sure all the students had their ones in the correct place before continuing with writing the rest of the numbers. 

Once we were done writing in the numbers, we’d write any special days (holidays, student birthdays etc.) for the month on the calendar. 

After writing all the dates and special days, we’d answer the questions below the calendar. I’d model my thought process as I came up with an answer to each question and often ask the students to help me.

As the months went on, most students became very comfortable completing the calendars on their own!

When the students were done with their calendars, I encouraged them to take their calendars home and hang them somewhere where they could easily access them. I loved hearing how students were using them at home to write in their special activities like gymnastics or soccer!

Using the Calendars at Home

At home with Lucy I follow the same procedure as I listed above for in the classroom. I even print one out for myself so we can complete our calendars together at the same time.

Remember to make modifications for your child depending on their comfort level. For example, Lucy is quite comfortable writing her numbers, but her frustration level goes up when writing lots of words. So when we get to the questions at the bottom of the sheet, we work together to find the answer, and then I write it on her calendar for her. Writing the answers we arrived at together for her allow me the opportunity to model so many things: when to use a capital letters, spacing, letter formation, and blending and segmenting words. So don’t feel like your cheating your child in anyway if you do some writing for them~ lots of learning is still going on!

Products to Help Teach Calendar Skills

Be sure to check out some of our favorite products and books for helping children learn about the months and seasons of the year in the carousel below. (This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support.)

Children learn so well through songs and movement. This CD, We All Live Together 2, has a great months of the year song in both English and Spanish (as well as other fun songs). It was one of my favorites as a classroom teacher and now as a mom!

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  1. Thank you so much! These are beautiful calendars and we are going to love using them! Printing them all out now for the rest of the school year! Thanks again for making them available for free. What a blessing!

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