Homemade Valentines for Kids to Make

If you’re looking for easy valentine crafts for kids, here’s a really simple and open-ended activity they’ll love. Grab some crafting materials and set up this invitation to create homemade valentines!

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Invitation to Create Homemade Valentines~ Buggy and Buddy

Even after making our butterfly pencil valentines and heart collages, we’ve still been in the mood to do even more valentine crafts for kids! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Making a Homemade Valentine Station or Center

Setting up the Homemade Valentine Activity

With the kids’ continued interest in all things valentine, I decided to surprise the kids with our latest valentine themed invitation to create. While Lucy was at school and Theo was resting (oh how I wish I could say napping– he gave those naps up way too soon), I set up some basic craft materials for the kids to use to create their own homemade valentines!

Invitation to Create Homemade Valentines~ Buggy and Buddy


The invitation to create was so easy to set up. First I covered the table with some easel paper. (We have an easel with crayons set up nearby. Whenever the kids are finished with a sheet of easel paper, I save it to use to cover the table for creating.) I then set out some heart shaped doilies (similar to these), heart shaped card stock, sequins, tissue paper squares, crayons and glue. I couldn’t wait to see what the kids created!

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Creating Homemade Valentines

Lucy and Theo were ecstatic when they saw the valentine themed invitation to create! They immediately sat down and got busy creating. Lucy made quite a few valentines using most of the supplies. Theo was content just gluing the sequin hearts onto his paper heart. (He’s been working on his gluing skills and was quite proud of finished product!)

Invitation to Create Homemade Valentines~ Buggy and Buddy


I love how this valentine craft for kids is open-ended and also works for a wide variety of ages. Both kids were able to use the materials in ways that inspired them and both were so proud of their finished creations!

Invitation to Create Homemade Valentines~ Buggy and Buddy

Valentine's Day Activity for Kids: Make your own homemade valentines using tissue paper and doilies! Easy for preschoolers, kindergarten and on up! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. Love the simplicity of this Chelsey!! My kids would love it!

  2. Making Valentines as a kid was fun, but sadly I haven’t taken the time to do this with my kids. It is so easy to buy a box and be done with it and now I realize I might be saving time but I am missing out on making memories to last a lifetime for me and my kids.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  3. What an inviting setup! Love that tissue paper border on the one valentine.


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