Invitation to Create: Fall Art for Toddlers with Circles

Being that fall is my favorite season, I am absolutely in love with fall crafts and art! With Lucy away at school during the day, I’ve been focusing on creating simple fall crafts for Theo, my 2 year old, (like this invitation to create with fall colors).

As I’ve interacted with Theo and observed him during the day, I’ve noticed he’s taken quite an interest in colors and shapes. This inspired me to create this open-ended invitation to create using circles in fall colors for toddlers.

Invitation to Create: Fall Colored Circle Art for Toddlers~ Buggy and Buddy

Of course, you can also do this activity using any colors or shapes. Maybe you could focus on a new shape your child is learning or focus on warm/cool colors. (Artchoo’s Circle and Glue Art Project is just gorgeous in the colors she and her little one used.) 

I think my favorite part of this activity was seeing Theo’s concentration during the project. He was very focused on what he was doing and loved practicing identifying the colors each time he chose a circle to glue on his paper! (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.)

Fall Art for Toddlers with Circles


  • One sheet of brown construction paper
  • Construction paper circles (I used a hole punch similar to this one to make the circles.)
  • Glue stick


Set out the materials for your child and invite them to create! Depending on your child’s experience with glue sticks, he or she may need assistance at first with gluing. Theo’s confidence in gluing really took off during this project!


Invitation to Create: Fall Colored Circle Art for Toddlers~ Buggy and Buddy


 Theo was just in love with this invitation. He had so much fun using the glue stick to glue the different colored circles onto his paper! As he selected circles to glue, he’d frequently say the word “circle” out loud and loved having me help him name the colors. 


Invitation to Create: Fall Colored Circle Art for Toddlers~ Buggy and Buddy

Theo was so proud when he was finished! Together we hung his completed fall art on the wall to help our home look ready for fall!


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  1. He looks so very proud! Way to go Theo 🙂 I am not sure why I never used glue sticks in Kindergarten – I always used the white liquid glue and never questioned it … Glues sticks would have been sooo much easier!!

  2. This is such a cute craft! I love how simple it is. I always try to make toddler activities over-complicated and intricate. I forget that my toddler likes the simple things best. Thanks for the reminder!


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