Craft for Kids: Make a Bookmark Using Tear Art

I love this tear art bookmark project because you can basically do the whole thing with recycled materials! At our house we have a box where we put paper scraps from leftover projects, as well as a larger “create box” of materials (like toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, old cereal boxes etc.)

I was searching through our “create box” trying to brainstorm ideas Lucy and her friend could do for art today, when I saw some old, thin cardboard. It seemed like the perfect thickness for bookmarks. Project discovered! (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.)

Craft for Kids: Tear Art Bookmark~ Buggy and Buddy

 Craft for Kids: Make a Tear Art Bookmark


  • Cardboard for bookmarks (Be sure to punch the holes at the top of the cardboard before creating. They can get quite thick once you start working and will be harder to punch later.)
  • Some old paper to tear (I had old scrapbooking paper, but you could also use newspaper or magazines).
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or yarn

Craft for Kids: Tear Art Bookmark~ Buggy and Buddy


  1. Cut your cardboard into a rectangle and punch a hole in the top.
  2. Have your child cover the whole bookmark with glue. We just squirted it out of a glue bottle. If your child squirts too much, you can use a paintbrush or even a paper towel to rub of the excess.
  3. Have your child tear little bits of paper and place on the glue-covered cardboard. Keep doing this until it’s mostly covered. (Don’t worry about it hanging over the edges or covering the hole. You can trim it later).

Craft for Kids: Tear Art Bookmark~ Buggy and Buddy4. Let it dry.

Craft for Kids: Tear Art Bookmark~ Buggy and Buddy5. Once it’s dry, trim off the paper that’s hanging over the edges. If necessary, re-punch the hole at the top

6. Brush a layer of either Mod Podge or glue over the entire bookmark to keep the paper from coming off later on.

7. Once the layer of Mod Podge is dry, tie some ribbon or yarn through the hole at the top!

You can either keep them to use at home, or they’d also make great teacher or Mother’s Day gifts!

Craft for Kids: Tear Art Bookmark~ Buggy and Buddy


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  1. Little known fact about me: I love collecting bookmarks. Thanks for sharing at The Children’s Bookshelf.

  2. The bookmarks are beautiful. My kids recently made some using the pages from stamp collecting magazines. They look like stamps at first glance and they are very nice bookmarks.

    It would be great if you linked-up with Hobbies and Handicrafts.

  3. What a fun project and these would make great gifts too! My whole family are readers and I think I know what the kids will be making them for Christmas now! Thank you so much for sharing on We Made That!

  4. This is a great idea. I also love the idea of your create box. I’m going to start one for our family today after my youngest and I make book marks as late Valentine’s presents for her three older brothers.

  5. Those turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  6. When not blogging, I work as a nanny for three adorable girls, and I’m looking forward to trying this activity with them! This looks like an awesome fine motor activity! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Those bookmarks are so fun! I love the simplicity and yet they turned out beautiful. Stopping by from Cheerios and Lattes. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  8. Very cute bookmarks!! Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Please join us again today!

  9. says:

    What lovely bookmarks. I love that you used recycled materials for it. I’ll be featuring your post as part of my homemade crafts roundup from the Weekly Kids’ Co-op. Thanks for sharing. xoxo P

  10. Way fun!! Pinning it! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays last week; hope you’ll join us again, starting tonight at 9 EST!

  11. What a fun and pretty idea! I love them! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  12. This is a really cute craft that is simple for all ages in the family!! Just posted on Craft Gossip! Thanks for the submission:)

  13. We featured this cute craft on our Gifts for Grandparents post over at The Shopping Mama!
    Love it and so will the grandparents in our lives! Great for toddlers!

  14. Thanks for this great kid-friendly idea! My kindergartner just made one with wrapping paper scraps as a teacher gift. Perfect!


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