Gift Ideas for Toddlers: 16 Colorful Toys Made from Wood

There are are so many great gift ideas for toddlers! In this gift guide I’m sharing some of our favorite colorful toddler toys made from wood!

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Gift Guide: 16 Colorful Wooden Toys for Toddlers~ Buggy and Buddy


All children benefit from playing with toys made from natural materials, but it’s especially important for toddlers. Wooden toys help to stimulate the senses of toddlers, while providing opportunities for play that are not overstimulating. And I just love how beautiful most wooden toys are!

*Some of these toys can pose a chocking hazard to children under 3. Be sure to read the recommended age range on the Amazon listing.*

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16 Colorful Toys for Toddlers Made From Wood

Colorful Wooden Toys for Toddlers


1. Grimm’s Stacking Tower: I just love the deep colors of this stacking tower! Such a great way to practice those fine motor skills while introducing colors and sizes!

2. Melissa & Doug Sort and Stack Board: Both of my kids loved this toy! When the children were younger, they’d place the shapes haphazardly on the pegs, and as they got older they’d begin to sort the shapes by color!

3. Grimm’s Small Stepped Pyramid of Wooden Building Blocks: This is for sure on our wish list! My mind is just racing with all the possibilities of play and learning that these little wooden blocks could be used for!

4. Plan Toys Cone Sorting: Here’s another wooden toy both my kids just loved. It’s kind of like a stacking tower taken to the next level. There’s actually cylinder-shaped pieces that fit together inside the outside circle-shaped pieces.

5. Kid O Color Steps Puzzle : We have a few puzzles by Kid O, and we just love them! This puzzle provides a great introduction to sizes and colors!

6. Plan Toys Lacing Beads: I just love the feel of these wooden beads! Both of my kids used them when they were first learning to thread things.

7. Melissa & Doug Car Carrier: This is one of Theo’s favorite toys! He loves being able to roll the car carrier around and thinks it’s super fun that little cars fit inside!

8. Plan Toys Stacking Tree: This is one of our all time favorite toys! I love the quality of these pieces and all the creating that’s possible!


Colorful Wooden Toys for Toddlers

9. Classic Wooden Abacus: Our wooden abacus has lasted us quite a while. Younger children love moving the beads back and forth. Theo now uses the abacus to practice counting to 3. And I just recently observed Lucy using it to do adding sentences!

10. Tegu Tints Pocket Pouch: We are madly in love with Tegu magnetic blocks! I love this little starter set- it’d be perfect to take on trips!

11. Deluxe Standing Easel: Okay, so this toy does have a bit of plastic, but I couldn’t resist putting an art easel in my gift guide. It’s been one of our most used toys through the years. The kids love drawing and painting on it, and I love putting it out back on a sunny day! (This set does NOT come with the paints.)

12. Wooden Gear Toy: Playing with gears is such a fun way to practice early problem solving skills. This toy also allows for shape and color practice too!

13. Mixer Play Set: This would be such a fun addition to a toy kitchen! My kids always love pretending to bake!

14. Plan Toys Water Blocks: Not only are these blocks super fun to build with, but you can use them to practice color mixing by holding them up together!

15. Magnetic Fishing Puzzle: This toy is like a combination of a puzzle and a game. The kids love trying to fish for their pieces!

16. Plan Toys Geometric Sorting Board: Here’s another great wooden toy for practicing fine motor skills. And the pieces are perfect to use for practicing sorting as well!



  1. Oooh! I love that stacking tree! Great list!

  2. I absolutely love wooden toys. I love the weight and feel of them as well as the fact that they hold up so much better than plastic toys.

  3. oooh wooden toys, I’m slightly addicted, I actually have over half of these already – I may now go and buy the other half

  4. I am loving the Discover and Explore Link-Ups! I haven’t had a ton of time to link up lately, but do enjoy stopping by from time to time. Off to explore some other posts linked up!

  5. I’m loving the wooden gears toy! Thanks for the great ideas–wooden toys have always been a favorite of ours as well. (Just wish they weren’t so hard on the budget, ha!) But they do last almost a lifetime and encourage so much creative play and thinking!

  6. What a fantastic list of toys. I think every child would be happy with at least one of those items. And they are also quite educational I see, the use movement for the younger age.

  7. I love these. Our kid now is having a lot of toys – more than he need, but I think we’ve done quite well with showering them with creativity and time.Thank you for this list!!!


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