Santa Craft for Kids with Printed Beards

Here’s a Santa craft for kids that uses a super fun art technique- printing with yarn and pipe cleaners! The finished Santa Claus artwork can be hung to decorate for the holidays!

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Super fun Santa craft for kids: Use yarn and rolling pin to make his beard! ~


Recently we made a fun Santa Claus craft using construction paper and white tempera paint. Our favorite part of this Christmas art activity  was using a yarn-wrapped roller and some twisted pipe cleaners to create a cool looking beard for our Santas! This post contains affiliate links.


Santa Craft for Kids with Printed Beards

Materials for Santa Craft


Directions for Santa Craft

1. Place your black paper vertically in front of you.

2. Use your scissors to cut out an oval shape from the manilla paper. Glue it to the top of your black paper. This is Santa’s face.


Santa Claus craft for kids


3. Now it’s time to paint Santa’s beard! Wrap some yarn around your roller. I tied one end of the yarn the the roller, wrapped the yarn around it many times, and then tied off the end on the roller.


Materials for making Santa Craft for Kids


4. Place some white tempera paint in a shallow tray or paper plate. Roll your yarn-wrapped roller through the paint on your paper plate. Then, roll the roller down from Santa’s face to the bottom of your paper to make a print for his beard. Do this as many times as you’d like. (If the roller is saturated with a lot of paint after rolling it on the paper plate, you can do a few rolls onto some newspaper or scrap paper to remove the excess paint before rolling it onto your black paper.)


printing with yarn and rolling pin


5. Twist some pipe cleaners into the shape of a curl. Dip it into your white paint and use it to stamp curls all over Santa’s beard.


santa claus art project for kids


6. As the paint is drying, you can add the rest of the details to your Santa. Cut out a triangle for a hat. Glue a white rectangle to the bottom of the hat and a white circle on top. Then, glue your hat onto your Santa.

7. Give your Santa some eyes and a red, cherry nose.

8. Display your finished Santa!


Santa Craft for Kids- Use a rolling pin and yarn to make his beard!


Santa Claus Printing Art Project for Kids

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Santa Claus Art Project for Kids: Fun Christmas craft for children using fun printing art techniques with paint! ~


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