Math Game for Kids: Fishing for Numbers

Here’s a fun fishing math game for kids- perfect for practicing number recognition, number sequencing, comparing numbers, and addition! This would also be a great educational game to play outside on a hot, sunny day!

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Fun Math Game for Kids! Fishing for Numbers~ Buggy and Buddy

Recently we made this fishing math game to play outside in our water table. It’s perfect for my 2 year old who’s practicing number recognition, and also fun for my 6 year old who’s ready for adding numbers! This post contains affiliate links. 

Math Game for Kids: Fishing for Numbers

Materials for Fishing Math Game for Kids

How to Make the Fishing for Numbers Math Game for Kids

Make the Fish

1. Draw fish shapes onto your foam sheets and cut them out. (We made ten foam fish.)


2. Use a black Sharpie to number your fish 1-10.


Fishing Math Game for Kids


3. Slip a paper clip on the top of each fish.


Make the Fishing Pole

1. Screw an eye hook into one end of your wooden dowel. (Our dowels were 5/16 in. x 36 in.)


2. Tie a string onto the eye hook.


make a toy fishing pole


3. Use a hot glue gun to glue a strong magnet to the bottom of your string. (I originally bought regular magnets at my local craft store, but they weren’t strong enough. I went back and bought some labeled ‘super strong’ and those worked perfectly!)


glue magnets to fishing pole


4. We also used colored Sharpies to decorate our fishing pole!


Decorate your Fishing pole

Playing “Fishing for Numbers”

Spread the fish out in your water table with the numbers facing down.


Fishing for numbers in the water table


Take turns fishing for numbers.


fishing for numbers game for kids


In addition to using the fishing game for imaginative play, you can also use it to practice various math skills. Here’s a few options:

  • Number Recognition: Once you catch a fish, practice saying the number.
  • Number Sequencing: As you catch each fish, place them in numerical order.
  • Addition Practice: If your child is ready for adding practice, make the activity into an adding game. Take turns catching fish. Once all the fish are caught, add up the numbers of the fish each player caught. The player with the most points wins.
  • Comparing Numbers: Go fishing with your friend at the same time. Whoever catches the fish with the greatest number gets a point. Continue until all fish are caught. The player with the most points wins.


Fishing for Numbers- Math Game for Kids



 Magnetic Fishing Math Game for Kids- Fun water table game perfect for counting, number sequencing, and addition practice. (Includes tutorial on magnetic fishing pole) ~



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