Valentine Crafts for Kids: Heart Suncatchers Using Tissue Paper

Are you starting your search for valentine crafts for kids? Here’s a classic suncatcher craft for kids using tissue paper and starch. We made our suncatchers shaped like hearts to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine Crafts for Kids: Heart Suncatchers~

This classic suncatcher craft for kids can be adapted for any season or holiday. We made ours shaped like hearts so we could use them to decorate for Valentine’s Day! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Valentine Crafts for Kids: Heart Suncatchers

Easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids- Heart Suncatchers Using Tissue Paper!

Materials for Heart Suncatcher

Heart-Shaped Tissue Paper Suncatchers for Valentine's Day

Directions for Making Heart Suncatchers

1. Pour the liquid starch in a small container and place your paintbrush nearby.

2. Tear out a sheet of wax paper and place it on the table.

supplies for heart suncatcher made from tissue paper


3. Place a square of tissue paper onto the wax paper. Paint over the whole square using the liquid starch and your paintbrush.

4. Continue doing this until you’ve covered an area as big as you want your suncatcher to be.

paint starch over the tissue paper


5. Allow the starch-covered squares to dry completely.

6. Once they’ve dried, carefully peel off the tissue paper. All the little squares will be attached together.

dried tissue paper squares


7. Prepare your heart frame: Cut out a heart shape from your construction paper. Then cut out the center of the heart to create your frame.

8. Glue the heart frame onto your dried tissue paper.

construction paper frame for suncatcher


(Optional: Glue a heart frame onto the back of the same tissue paper sheet so your suncatcher has a front and back.)

9. Allow the frames to dry.

tissue paper sun catchers drying


10. Once the frames have dried, trim off the tissue paper hanging over the edges.

trim off the extra tissue paper


Hang your heart suncatchers up in a window or from the ceiling for Valentine’s Day!

Heart Suncatcher for Valentine's Day


  • Some children find it easier to paint some liquid starch onto the wax paper before placing a tissue paper square on top of it. This helps hold the tissue paper in place as your child gently paints over it.
  • I used my die cut machine an heart-shaped die to make my heart frames.
  • I purchase my liquid starch online in a package of six. I usually keep two bottles for myself and donate the extra bottles to teachers at my children’s schools. Some readers have also mentioned finding liquid starch at Walmart.

Easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids- Heart Suncatchers Using Tissue Paper!

Heart Sun Catcher Craft for Kids: Make a tissue paper suncatcher for Valentine's Day! Easy craft for children of all ages! ~


  1. I was looking at the heart sunatchers? was wondering if glue would work instead of liquid starch

    • Hi Kerry! Yes, you can also use liquid glue. You’ll want it thin enough to not tear the tissue paper as the kids spread it, so I’d water it down a bit. It will also take a bit longer to dry than the liquid starch! 🙂

  2. How long does it take for the starch to dry? Do you think I could have enough time to do this for a classroom project at their Valentines party at school?


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