Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Strategy Games for Kids

Encourage the growth of children’s logical thinking skills with the strategy games for kids in this holiday gift guide. These 8 strategy games are some of our favorites and would make great birthday or holiday gifts for children!

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Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Strategy Games for Kids~


Even as an adult my favorite games are those that involve strategy and planning, so why not give the kids the same opportunity with strategy games designed specifically for their age!


Strategy games help children develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills in a really fun way. They are perfect for the classroom, to play with friends, or to enjoy during family game night. Here are some of our favorites! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Strategy Games for Kids


Bamboo Quattro Game: In this game kids try to drop cylinders to get four of their colors in a row. This is a great game of logic and would even be good for younger children to use for fine motor practice. I love that it’s made of wood! (Recommended ages: 3-8 years)

Shape-O-Metry: This game reminds me of Tetris. In this game kids stack pieces trying to match shapes shown on challenge cards. (Recommended ages: 8-15 years)

Tilt by Think Fun: This game is made to be played independently and helps children develop logic. (Recommended ages: 3-15)

Gobblet: This beautiful wooden game has won tons of awards and is a great way for kids to develop strategic thinking and problem solving. (Recommended ages: 7-11 years)

My First Carcassonne Game: Here’s a kid-version of one of our favorite games, Carcassonne! In this game players use tiles to create the area for play- great introduction to strategy games for kids! (Recommended for ages 4 and up)

Blokus Junior: We have the regular Blokus game, so I was excited to see there was a kid version. The object of this game is to get as many different shaped pieces onto the board as you can- perfect strategy game for kids! (Recommended for ages 5 and up)

Qwirkle: Here’s another strategy game for kids that’s won plenty of awards. In this game children try to get as many points as they can by building lines that share the same shape or color. (Recommended for ages 6 and up)

Catan Junior: We are huge fans of the regular version of this game and can’t wait to introduce our children to the junior version where they’ll find pirates, hideouts, and a Ghost Captain! (Recommended ages: 6-10 years)


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8 Strategy Games for Kids: Including Catan, Blokus, Qwirkle, Gobblet and more! Great gift ideas for Christmas and make awesome additions to the classroom! ~


  1. A lot of these games are new to me. It will be fun to check them out. So glad you linked them up at The Thoughtful Spot!

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