8 Unique Magna-Tiles Ideas

Do you already own a set of Magna-Tiles, or are you wondering what they’re all about? Here’s a brief overview of why we are in love with our Magna-Tiles, as well as a collection of 8 unique  Magna-Tiles ideas!

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8 Unique Ways to Use Magna-Tiles (Perfect STEM toy!)

(This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share one of our favorite toys with you! This post contains affiliate links.)

What are Magna-Tiles?

Magna-Tiles are shaped tiles with magnets along the edges that can be used for building and creating. Not only are they super fun to use, but they also provide all kinds of learning through play. When kids use them in play, they are gaining hands-on experience with math, science, engineering, and creativity- they’re the perfect STEM toy!

Magna-Tiles are our newest favorite toy here at home! I had no idea how much creativity, problem solving, and engineering they would inspire until we purchased our own set. The kids play with them nonstop- sometimes on their own, and sometimes they integrate other toys and items into their Magna-Tile play.

Our favorite Magna-Tiles are the clear ones because you can see everything inside. They also sell translucent, colored pieces and solid, colored tiles.

What Can You Do with Magna-Tiles

I classify Magna-Tiles as a classic toy with a special twist. My kids use them the same way you’d use blocks or Lego bricks- to build and create. The magnets add a special fun aspect to the play, while the shapes are designed to interact in a way that provides all kinds of math learning.

You’ll often find Theo (age 3) using his to create buildings and structures to hold his toy cars. Sometimes he even makes Star Wars-like spaceships that fly his cars arounds all over the house! Just today he used his Magna-Tiles to make a ‘pizza’. He had his play restaurant in full swing and was serving me some ‘pizza slices’ while I was reading. I’m not exaggerating when I say he uses them daily.


playing with Magna-Tiles

We’ve been having so much fun with our own Magna-Tiles at home that I decided to search online and see what others have been doing with their Magna-Tile sets. I found so many cool ideas and just had to share them with you!


8 Unique Ways to Use Magna-Tiles


unique ways to use Magna-Tiles

Hexbug Mazes and Structures from Buggy and Buddy

Magna-Tiles Dominoes from And Next Comes L

Create Faces with Magna-Tiles from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Ball and Magna-Tile Challenges from Growing Book by Book



unique ways to use Magna-Tiles

Stained Glass with Magna-Tiles from Happily Ever Mom

3 Unique Ways to Use Magnetic Tiles for Kids from The Artful Parent

Magna-Tiles on the Light Table from Play to Learn Preschool

Exploring Symmetry with Magna-Tiles from And Next Comes L


Do you own Magna-Tiles? How do your kids use them?



8 Unique Ways to Use Magna-Tiles: including STEM activities, engineering, math activities and more!


  1. So many neat ideas! Magna Tiles are one of our most favorite toys to play with at our house. They are so worth the money!

  2. Great activity, thanks for linking up to SIS. I’m featuring you this week! These are on my wishlist for sometime now!

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