Kid-Made Ornaments Using Shrink Film

These kid-made ornaments using shrink film are one of the easiest we’ve done yet, and they make wonderful keepsakes!

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Turn kid drawings into homemade Christmas ornaments using shrink film! ~


After making these adorable silhouette Christmas ornaments, I gave the extra shrink film from the project to the kids to use.


They had such a blast creating their very own ornaments. I loved seeing their excitement as their drawings transformed into tiny, little ornaments to hang on the tree. And I know I’ll cherish these for years- such a cool way to save and display your children’s drawings! This post contains affiliate links.


Turn kid drawings into homemade Christmas ornaments using shrink film!

Kid-Made Ornaments Using Shrink Film

Materials for Shrink Film Ornaments

shrink film

Directions for Shrink Film Ornaments

1. Cut your shrink film sheets into fourths.

2. Use Sharpies to draw a picture on your piece of shrink film. They are going to shrink a lot, so be sure to use up most of the space!

3. Punch a hole above the picture your drew.

materials for kid-made shrink film ornaments


4. Cut around you picture.

5. Place your finished drawings on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and bake according to your shrink film package directions.

6. Remove them from the over and let cool.

7. Tie a string through the hole in your ornament and hang on the tree!


homemade ornaments using kid drawings


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Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make: Use shrink film to make homemade Christmas ornaments using kids' drawings! Such a wonderful keepsake and so simple for children of all ages! ~


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