DIY Foam Stamps for Kids (Exploration Center)

These DIY foam stamps are one of the easiest art materials to make, and kids love the process of creating them all on their own. Set out all the materials to make your very own stamping exploration center for the home or classroom!

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make your own stamps using foam stickers- fun craft for kids



Recently Lucy and I took a visit to our local art museum and were fortunate enough to view the Pedro de Lemos exhibit. Pedro de Lemos was a local artist known not only for his paintings and drawings, but for his use of various types of printmaking.

As a part of the education center, the museum had set up all kinds of hands-on printmaking activities for kids inspired by the exhibit. One of Lucy’s favorite projects was creating designs and patterns using homemade stamps. We loved the idea so much, we created our very own foam stamping center right at home.

This art activity really is so easy to setup and both Theo (age 4) and Lucy (age 7) enjoyed the process of creating their very own stamps and stamped artwork!

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DIY Foam Stamps- Fun art center for kids perfect for the classroom or summer camp!

DIY Foam Stamps for Kids

Materials for DIY Foam Stamps

DIY Foam Stamps for Kids

Directions for DIY Foam Stamp Exploration Center

To make your stamps, stick some foam shapes onto one side of a wooden block. We used some small pieces of whittling wood from our local craft store. (You can also use a small piece of thick cardboard or foam board.)


DIY Foam Stamps for Kids


2. Press the design into an ink pad, and then press it onto paper. Voila! (You can even reuse the wooden block stamps. When you tire of a design, peel off the foam stickers and use the surface for a new design!)


Foam Stamp Exploration Center


After showing the kids how to create their own stamps with the wooden blocks and foam stickers, I set the materials out onto a small table for them to make on their very own stamps.


how to make stamps using foam stickers


I also placed a giant sheet of easel paper onto the wall for the kids to use as a canvas for their stamps.


Art for Kids: Mural Using Homemade Stamps


Lucy and Theo loved creating all kinds of designs using their homemade stamps and trying them out on the easel paper!


We’ll be leaving the stamping exploration center all week long. I can’t wait to see all the murals the kids create!

DIY Foam Stamps- Fun art center for kids perfect for the classroom or summer camp!



Make your own stamps using foam stickers! Such a fun art center for kids of all ages. Great for the classroom or summer fun at home or camp! ~


  1. I love how easy this is. Will have to try this!

  2. I just discovered your site. I am not a naturally creative mom, I love your ideas! I have a 5 year old daughter (who is already far more creative than I) and just wish I had discovered your site sooner. Thanks!

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