Crafts for Kids: Homemade Bird Feeders Using Frames

Here’s how to make homemade bird feeders with kids using a wooden frame. It’s a simple process and allows the kids to really take pride in their creations. Hang them up in your backyard and observe all your backyard birds!

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Craft for Kids: Homemade Bird Feeder ~

This post was originally published on June 29, 2015 and has since been updated.

The kids and I had so much fun making these homemade bird feeders! The main base of the bird feeder is a wooden frame. We used some frames our local craft store sells for $1, but you could also repurpose an old frame you’re no longer using.

Our favorite part was hanging the completed feeders up outside in the backyard and trying to identify all our bird visitors. (Be sure to print out our free bird watching book for kids so they can record all their sightings!) This post contains affiliate links.


Homemade Bird Feeder for Kids Using a Wooden Frame


Materials for Homemade Bird Feeder

  • Wooden frame (We used inexpensive $1 frames from our local craft store similar to this one, but you can also repurpose an old frame you already have.)
  • Acrylic paints and brushes (We love these!)
  • Plastic canvas sheet- like these (We found ours at our local craft store sold individually.)
  • Strong glue (We used Tacky Glue.)
  • Strong string, yarn, or twine for hanging (We used some suede cord we already had at home for two of the bird feeders and some hemp cord from on the other.)
  • Optional: Tacks, Sealant
  • Birdseed

Craft for Kids: Homemade Bird Feeder

Directions for Making the Homemade Bird Feeder

1. Start by painting your wooden frame with acrylic paints. Let it dry completely.

paint your homemade bird feeder


Optional: Seal your paint with an outdoor sealant to extend the life of the artwork.

seal your bird feeder paint


2. Cut your plastic canvas so it’s just a little smaller than your frame.


3. Glue it onto the bottom of your feeder with Tacky Glue or other strong glue. Let it dry completely.

glue the plastic canvas to the bottom of your bird feeder


Optional: Press some tacks into the bottom of the bird feeder to better secure your plastic canvas to the frame.

press tacks into the frame of the bird feeder


4. Thread a piece of string though one of the corners of your feeder. (You might need to enlarge one of the holes in the canvas if your string is thick. To do this, simply push a screwdriver through the hole to stretch it out.) Tie the string securely to your frame. Leave a tail about 12-14 inches for tying later on.

tie string onto your homemade bird feeder


5. Do this with the other three corners.


6. Grab each of the four, long strings and hold them above the frame center. Tie them into one secure knot.

tie string onto your homemade bird feeder


7. Fill your bird feeder with birdseed.

fill your homemade bird feeder with bird seed


8. Hang your bird feeder on a nearby tree and enjoy watching your backyard birds!

Craft for Kids: Homemade Bird Feeder Using a Wood Frame ~


homemade bird feeder craft for kids

Be sure to check out my favorite bird books for kids and adults for bird watching!

birdwatching books for kids and adults


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