Hanging Tree Blossoms Craft for Kids

Here’s a tree blossoms craft for kids that can be displayed on a wall or hung in a window or from a ceiling. You can even adapt the tree craft to resemble apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, or any other tree!

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Tree Blossom Flower Craft for Kids


I love how this finished tree blossoms craft for kids looks when displayed! It makes a great window decoration since it lets the light shine right through the paper branches and is also perfect for hanging from the ceiling.

You can adapt this tree blossoms craft to fit any type of tree or season you want. I’ve provided directions for both older children, as well as simplified directions for younger children (kindergarteners and first graders) below.

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Tree Blossom Flower Craft for Kids

Tree Blossoms Hanging Craft for Kids

Materials for Tree Blossoms Hanging Craft for Kids

Tree Blossoms Flower Craft for Kids

Directions for Tree Blossoms Hanging Craft for Kids

These directions are most suitable for about 2nd grade and up. The older the children, the more intricate they can make the tree branches in their designs! (Directions for modifying this activity for younger children are at the bottom of this post.)

1. Place two brown sheets of construction paper in front of you.

2. Trace two large circles- one onto each sheet of paper.

3. Inside one of the large circles, trace a smaller circle.

Trace circles onto your brown construction paper

4. Cut out both circles. Cut out the inside circle of one of your circles.

5. On your other circle, draw a tree. Make sure the branches extend to the edge of the circle.

6. Cut out your tree. Glue it onto circular loop you’ve cut out. (If any branches are hanging over the edge of the circle, you can trim them.)


hanging tree craft for kids


7. Cut out some leaves from your green construction paper. Glue them onto your tree.

8. Crumple up your tissue paper squares and glue them onto your tree.

9. Punch a hole in the top of your project. Tie some twine or string to it and display!


Hanging Tree Blossoms Craft for Kids


Modifications for Younger Children 

These directions are suitable for kindergarten and first grade. 

1. Make a brown circular loop by tracing a large circle onto brown construction paper and tracing a slightly smaller circle inside. Cut this out. (This step might be difficult for younger children.)

2. Instead of having children draw a tree for the inside of the circle as mentioned above, children will make trees using strips of paper. Invite children to cut long, thin strips of brown construction paper.

3. Glue one strip to your circle to make the trunk of the tree. (Don’t worry about any edges hanging over at this time.)

4. Glue smaller strips of paper extending from the trunk to the edge of the circle.

5. Trim off all the branches that are extending past the circle’s edge.

6. Continue by following steps 7-9 above.


paper tree craft for younger children


Hanging Tree Blossoms Flower Craft for Kids

Hanging Spring Tree Blossoms Flower Craft for Kids: Can be adapted to make apple trees, cherry trees, and more! (Directions for both younger and older children) ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

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