10+ Cool Ways to Use Chalk Pastels

Chalk pastels are always top the list of my kids’ favorite art supplies to use, and there’s so many neat art techniques out there using them. Here are some of the coolest art projects for kids using chalk pastels!

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Art Projects for Kids: 10 Cool Ways to Use Chalk Pastels

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We always have some chalk pastels on hand for creating (along with our other favorite art supplies). It seems like kids are naturally drawn to them because of their smoothness and vibrant colors. You can simply use them on paper for drawing and smudging or combine them with other materials for some unique looks!

We usually buy ours at our local craft store, but they also sell many brands online. Here’s some options if you’re looking to try some out with your children or students:


Cool Ways to Use Chalk Pastels with Kids

Now for the super fun part- how to use chalk pastels! Here’s some ways we’ve used them in the past, as well as some really cool ways to use chalk pastels from some of my favorite kid bloggers!


cool ways to use chalk with kids

1. Create some stencils from cardboard and use your chalk pastels to trace them. You can even smudge the borders for a glowing affect! We’ve done this in the past with our Christmas Tree Light Art and our Colored Heart Collage.

2. Combine your chalk pastels with tempera paint for a really unique look. We used ours to make ocean scenes.


cool art projects for kids using chalk pastels

3. Art History Mom shows us how to use your chalk pastels to create some artwork inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

4. These floating chalk prints from Picklebums are one of the coolest ways to use chalk pastels for creating!

5. The Artful Parent uses nature to inspire these leaf drawings made with chalk pastels.


cool art projects for kids using chalk pastels

6. Tinkerlab shares how to introduce chalk pastels to your child or students in this simple tutorial full of helpful tips.

7. You can even use chalk pastels to temporarily color your hair. Housing a Forest has a great tutorial for this.

8. Combine the use of chalk pastels with a light table– fun idea from Where Imagination Grows!


art techniques using chalk pastels

9. Head on over to One Perfect Day to see how she incorporated water into the creating process.

10. Here’s another way to use your chalk pastels with water from Learn Play Imagine. This would be a great way to use up all those little nubs.

11. Mum in the Madhouse uses chalk pastels in this cool glue resist art project!


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