Christmas Tree Craft Using Tissue Paper

We used tissue paper and empty toilet paper rolls to make this cute mini Christmas tree craft. Kids love decorating their little trees, and the finished craft makes a wonderful holiday decoration!

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Mini Christmas Tree Craft for Kids- using tissue paper and a tp roll!


My students always loved making these cute mini Christmas trees! We would keep them in the classroom to decorate for the holidays, and the kids would take them home to share with their families once winter break started.

We would usually do this project over two days. The first day we’d make the actual tree and then let it dry overnight. On the second day, we’d decorate it! I always loved seeing how each child decorated his or her tree. They were always so proud of their finished craft! This post contains affiliate links.


Mini Christmas Tree Craft Using Tissue Paper

Materials for Christmas Tree Craft


Directions for the Christmas Tree Craft

1. Cut out a circle from your green construction paper. (Ours had about an 8-9 inch diameter.)


2. Cut the circle in half. You will use one half of the circle to make your Christmas tree.


3. Use a pencil to draw a small line on one side of the green half circle. Leave this area blank to make folding the paper into a cone shape easier in later steps.


christmas tree craft for kids


4. Cover the rest of the green half circle with green tissue paper squares. To do this,  spread some liquid glue onto a small section of the paper. Take one tissue paper square and wrap it around the eraser end of a pencil. Gently press the tissue paper onto the glue using the pencil. Carefully remove the pencil. Your tissue paper will remain on the glue.


christmas tree craft for kids using tissue paper


5. Continue until your tree is completely covered with green paper. Let the glue dry overnight.


christmas tree craft for kids using tissue paper


6. Once the glue is dry, fold the paper into a cone shape and staple into place.


christmas tree craft for kids using tissue paper


7. Decorate your tree! We decorated ours with pom poms in various colors, but you can use any craft material you’d like- sequins, yarn, etc.


8. Paint a toilet paper roll for the trunk of your tree. You can paint it brown for a more realistic tree trunk or red for a holiday-colored tree. After the paint has dried, make some small snips around one end of the toilet paper roll. Fold them down.


christmas tree craft for kids with toilet paper roll trunk


9.  Place liquid glue on all the resulting tabs. Put the glued end into the cone tree and let it dry.


Display your mini Christmas tree!

Mini Christmas Tree Craft for Kids Using Tissue Paper


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Christmas Tree Craft for Kids using tissue paper and toilet paper roll- Turn a cardboard tube and tissue paper into a simple holiday craft for kids of all ages! Fun homemade decoration for the home or classroom! ~


  1. This is so easy and fun. It’s a great project for all ages. There’s nothing like glueing tissue with the back of a pencil. I used to do this every year with my kids when I was a teacher, this is my first year out of the classroom, and I’m missing all these crafts… My favorite time of year.


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