Blotto Painting for Kids in Fall Colors

Kids always love blotto painting! It’s such a fun surprise to open up your folded paper and reveal your finished blotto art! In this process art project for kids, you’ll be creating blotto paintings using fall colors!

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Make Blotto Art Using Fall Colors! ~


Have you tried creating blotto pictures with your kids are students before? Blotto art is always a hit with my kiddos! I think what really draws them in is getting to see how their finished blottos turn out~ no two are ever the same!

For our most recent blotto art project, we decided to use fall colors. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Blotto Art Using Fall Colors

Materials for Blotto Art

materials for blotto painting

How to Create Fall Blotto Art 

1. Fold your white paper in half and then open it. Use your paintbrush to place large drops of fall colored paint in the center of your paper.


place paint on your paper


2. Fold the paper in half and rub over the paper with your hand to help spread the paint around.


fold the paper in half


3. Unfold your paper to reveal your blotto!


reveal your finished blotto

Young Children Can Particpate Too

My three year old had fun making blottos too! He loved adding paint to his paper…


preschooler doing blotto art


… and was so proud of his finished blotto art!

blotto art by preschooler

What can you do with your finished blotto art?

After your artwork is dry, there’s all kinds of things you can use it for!


let your paintings dry


– Hang your finished blotto art around your home or classroom to decorate for fall.

– Use some markers to add details to your artwork. Turn the blotto into a design or creature.

– Cut out your blottos. Use them as fall leaves to decorate a paper tree or string them up over your fireplace!


fall colored blotto art

Process Art Project for Kids: Fall Colored Blotto Paintings- Super easy autumn craft for preschool, kindergarten and on up! ~

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