10 Simple Weather Activities for Kids that Require Little or No Prep (Free Printable)

Kids always love learning about the weather! Here are 10 simple weather activities for kids you can do that require little or no prep! (And there’s even a free printable so you can print out the activities and refer to it whenever you need a fun activity spur of the moment!)

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10 Simple Weather Activities that Require Little or No Prep (FREE Printable Resource)~ Buggy and Buddy

Kids of all ages are always curious about the weather. Maybe a rainstorm begins outside and prompts your child to wonder where the rain is coming from, or maybe your students notice some interesting clouds outside at recess and rush in to tell you about them. In situations like these it’s nice to be able build right off the children’s interest.

Here are some super simple weather activities for kids that you can do at the drop of a hat. All ten activities require little or no prep work at all. I’ve even listed these ideas on a free printable PDF found at the end of this post. Print it out and keep it nearby for when the mood strikes!

10 Simple Weather Activities for Kids that Require Little or No Prep

1. Make weather sounds: Have children start by rubbing their palms together, then snap their fingers, clap their hands, slap their legs and stamp their feet to create the sound of a rainstorm. Then reverse all the movements as the storm begins to fade. You can even turn the light off and on to make some lightning!

2. Create a weather words chart: Use chart paper to record all the weather words you can brainstorm.  Leave it up and add to it as you come across more weather words in books, poems, and discussions during the upcoming days.

3. Recite weather poems: Read your favorite weather poem aloud to the class.

4. Go on a weather word walk: Walk around your classroom looking for weather words.

5. Give a weather forecast: Pretend to be a meteorologist and give the weather forecast to your partner or class.

6. Illustrate the weather: Grab some paper and a pencil, head outside, and draw how the weather looks outside.

7. Go cloud watching: Go outside and find a comfy spot to relax and look up at the sky. Observe all the different clouds. How do they look? Can you tell which direction they are moving? Do any of the clouds resemble anything?

8. Explore weather books: Take out a set of weather books and have some quiet time reading and exploring them independently or with a friend. (Here’s our weather book set.)

9. Catch the Rain: On a rainy day place a container outside. Measure how much rain your container collects each hour or on various days.

10. Create a weather collage: Go through old magazines and cut out pictures showing different types of weather. Glue the pictures onto some paper to create a weather collage.

Be sure to print out the free printable:

Free Printable PDF: 10 Simple Weather Activities for Kids

10 Simple Weather Activities for Kids


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