Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Fairy Tales

Do you know a child who loves fairy tales? Here are some unique gift ideas that are sure to delight any boy or girl who loves to imagine!

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Creative gift ideas for kids who love fairy tales!

You’ll find all kinds of gift ideas perfect for imaginative play- from building toys to pretend play games for kids!

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9 Fairy Tale Toys for Kids


toys for kids who like imaginative play

Hansel and Gretel Storybox: This box of Hansel and Gretel play pieces for children is perfect for retelling a story or encouraging pretend play. It would be a great toy to take on a trip too!

Haba Fantasy Blocks: We own a set of Haba blocks, and I love the quality of the blocks and the bright colors. We’ve built some super cool castles here at home with them!

Tell Me a Story: Fairy Tale Mix-Up: This set of cards by one of our favorite companies, eeBoo, will inspire all kinds of creative storytelling. I love that this activity is so open-ended and can be played together as a family!


gift ideas for kids for imaginative play

Fairytale Spinner Game: Here’s another game by eeBoo designed for kids ages 5 and up. Players collect different elements of a story while playing the game and at the end get to use the elements to tell a story. We also own this game and love it!

Castle Sketchbook: The cover on this sketchbook would inspire all kinds of drawings and stories. We love having sketchbooks around the house and often bring them on trips. Thinking the kids may find this one under the tree this year!

KidKraft Dress Up Storage: What a great way to keep all those dress-up clothes and accessories organized! One side even has a mirror so your little one can really get into character!


toys perfect for pretend play

Toysmith Magic Wand: I used to use this wand as a pointer when I was a classroom teacher, and the kids just loved it! When you push a button on the wand a little light goes off on the tip, and it makes a satisfying magical sound!

Crocodile Creek Princess Backpack: We’ve always loved Crocodile Creek backpacks for our young children. (This princess one was actually Lucy’s kindergarten backpack.) Not only would this be perfect for school, but they’re great for road trips, playdates, and trips to the library!

Lego Read & Build: A Fairytale: This fairy tale set comes with 15 building bricks and a book. I love how kids can build as they’re enjoying the story,  or use the pieces to make their own creations!


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Toys for Kids Who Love Fairy Tales: Creative gift ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and on up for children who love to use their imagination! Including- games, blocks, dress up play, and more!


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