Fun with Kiwi Crate {Review}

I am so thrilled to do this sponsored post for Kiwi Crate! My opinion was not swayed in any way by compensation, as we have been huge fans and customers of Kiwi Crate for years! This post contains affiliate links.

One activity that always tops our list of summer activities for kids is Kiwi Crate! Keep on reading to learn more about Kiwi Crate and to find out all about their upcoming Summer Adventure Seriesthe perfect way to inspire learning and play all summer long! 

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 Summer Fun with Kiwi Crate

What is a Kiwi Crate?

Kiwi Crates are simply boxes filled with all the materials you’ll need to do super fun projects. You can subscribe to receive one Kiwi Crate monthly or buy them individually. Lucy has been receiving Kiwi Crates in the mail monthly for over two years, and I also frequently buy individual Kiwi Crates to give as birthday gifts! (Speaking of birthdays, you can order the coolest party favors from Kiwi Crate to use for your next birthday party!) 

The quality of the activities is outstanding.  I’m always so impressed with all the creative projects included in the current month’s box. Each month our Kiwi Crate always seems to inspire tons of learning and fun- even weeks after we’ve received it. After doing the projects, Lucy usually plays with the finished creations often throughout the month. She also enjoys the Explore! Magazine included in each crate- complete with lots of follow up activities related to the month’s theme. It’s like a complete month full of learning and fun!

Our Most Recent Kiwi Crate

Our most recent Kiwi Crate was our rainforest themed box. Included in the box were all the materials and directions for two rainforest themed activities, as well as an Explore! Magazine.

materials provided by kiwi crate

I love how the directions for the activities are kid friendly. When Lucy was younger we’d go through the directions together, and now she’s able to read them completely on her own!

kid-friendly activity directions from kiwi crate

The first activity Lucy wanted to do from the crate was the jumping frogs activity. We worked together to color various frogs, and build the launching leaf.

coloring frogs from rainforest kiwi crate

As we launched the frogs in our backyard, we observed how the sizes of the frogs affected the distance they would travel when launched from our homemade leaf pad launcher.

Theo was super excited to join in the activity!

toddler playing with kiwi crate

For the second activity Lucy created a rainstick.

 rainstick activity from kiwi crate

I love how this project combined creativity, critical thinking, and sensory play! Lucy started by assembling the inside of the rainstick. Check out that concentration!

rainforest themed kiwi crate

Then she decorated her rainstick with stickers and feathers.

decorating a homemade rainstick

She was so proud once she finished!

enjoying creating rainstick from Kiwi Crate

Lucy immediately thought up a game that Theo could play with her using the rainstick. It was basically hide-and-seek, but with a sound component. She hid outside in the backyard with the rainstick. Theo counted to 10 and then went to go look for her. Lucy used the rainstick to make noises that Theo could follow to find her. Here’s Theo having his turn hiding!

hide-and-seek inspired by Kiwi Crate

I love how the activities from our Kiwi Crates always seem to inspire all kinds of creative play!

The Summer Adventure Series

This summer Kiwi Crate is again offering the Summer Adventure Series! These creative and educational kits will help inspire all kinds of learning and fun this summer. Each month you’ll receive a new crate filled with exciting science and art activities, each centered around a different theme. 

Kiwi Crate's Summer Adventure Series

June: Camping Trip

In June kids will be encouraged to explore the great outdoors with a camping expedition! They’ll be creating a sunprint backpack and light up glowing campfire. The Explore! Magazine will feature camping themed activities like storytelling, star-gazing, and s’mores! 

July: Beach Day 

In July kids will have all kinds of beach day fun! They’ll be making some crazy crabs to use for some creative games, and they’ll also be creating sea foam paintings of underwater scenes! July’s Explore! Magazine will inspire even more learning and fun articles about animals that live at the beach and how the moon affects the tides.

August: Amusement Park

Get ready to have an amusement park right in your own backyard! Kids will design and create a funny face carnival game (with water squirters included), and they’ll also have the opportunity to build some crazy bumper cars that roll, spin, race, and crash! August’s Explore! Magazine will feature information about how amusement park rides work and include even more DIY ideas for creative carnival games at home! 

Where Can I Learn More about Kiwi Crate?

Head on over to Kiwi Crate’s official website where you can find out more about signing up to receive monthly Kiwi Crates or purchase them individually. You can also browse all the party favors they offer and even read about tons of DIY kids’ activities right there on their site! And be sure to sign up for their Summer Adventure Series

Kiwi Crate has generously offered an awesome discount. Buggy and Buddy readers will receive 25% off their 1st month subscription to Kiwi Crate with code BAB25! 


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