Spring Art Projects: Flowers on Watercolor Background

Here’s a colorful spring art project for kids that combines a few different art techniques- black marker drawings on a unique watercolor background. I love how the flowers really pop!

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Flower Drawings on Watercolor Backgrounds (Spring Art Project for Kids)~ BuggyandBuddy.com


We had so much fun with our latest art project! It actually ended up turning into a collaborative art project which I just loved- there’s something so special about creating artwork together.


This spring art project would also be perfect to do in the classroom. Imagine how cheery your classroom would look with a whole set of these hanging on the walls! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Flowers on Watercolor Background


Materials for Spring Art Project


Directions for Spring Art Project

1. Start by creating your watercolor background. Theo used a brush and liquid watercolors to paint designs all over his watercolor paper.


spring art for preschoolers with liquid watercolors


2. When he was done he placed a paper towel over his painting and gently pressed it down….


using paper towels and liquid watercolors


…and when he lifted it up, he discovered some unique texture and patterns on his painting! (He loved this so much that he probably made about 15 more- at least.)


creating patterns in paint with a paper towel


3. While your painting is drying, use your black marker to sketch flowers onto white paper. We looked at flowers around our yard for inspiration. Here’s Lucy drawing her favorite flower!


Drawing Flowers with Markers- art for kids


4. Cut out your flowers. Try out various placements for your flowers on the painting.


Flowers on Unique Watercolor Background- spring art for kids


5. Once you’ve settled on one you like, glue the flowers into place.


Flowers on Unique Watercolor Background- spring art for kids


6. Display your spring art!


Flowers on Unique Watercolor Background- spring art for kids


  • Bring in real flowers for kids to observe before drawing. We did this with our flower exploration center.
  • After using the paper towels to soak up the paint, save them for another craft for art project. Let them dry and use them to create flowers or even butterflies!


Flowers on Unique Watercolor Background- spring art for kids


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Spring Art for Kids: Ink Drawn Flowers on a Watercolor Background- Can be done as a collaborative art project or independently. Combines all kinds of cool process art techniques! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary. ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. These are absolutely BRILLLIANT looking! And how simple to create too! Love when art works that way for kids (& I) lol. I think adding the flowers in simple black and white like that is a fantastic new twist that might get my youngster a bit more engaged in Spring Painting activities! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Jeanine! My kids really enjoyed making these (and so did I!). Hope you all have fun with it- share a pic if you get a chance! I love seeing everyone’s creations!


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