New Year’s Eve with Kids: Wishing Wall Activity

If you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids, this activity is perfect for both children and adults- create a wishing wall full of wishes for the new year. Both kids and adults can write or draw their wishes on little pieces of paper and display them right at home to welcome the new year!

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Create a wishing wall for New Year's Eve! Perfect activity for kids and family! ~

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*This post was originally published on December 26, 2014 and has been updated.

New Year’s Eve with Kids: Create a Wishing Wall

I had been trying to think of a simple and meaningful activity for New Year’s Eve that we could all do together as a family. When I ran across this article on a wishing wall in Times Square, I was inspired to create our own wishing wall right at home- the perfect activity for any age!

As you think up wishes for the new year (either for you, your family, or the world itself), just write them on a little piece of paper and place them in a designated spot on your wall to create your own wishing wall. It’s a great way to focus on setting goals, as well as encouraging kids to think of others.

I love that pretty much any age can take part. Theo (age 3) drew his wishes in scribble writing, while Lucy (age 6) wrote hers using pictures and words.


Create a Wishing Wall- New Year's Eve Activity for Kids and Family

How to Make Your Own Wishing Wall at Home

Place all your materials for writing near your designed space for your wishing wall. Make sure the materials are accessible to everyone so each family member can record wishes as he/she thinks of them throughout the days leading to New Year’s Eve.


new years activity for kids: create a wishing wall


We used sticky notes, colored pencils, and markers to record our wishes.


wishing wall activity for New Year's Eve


I placed all the materials on a little table right below a chalkboard that we decided to use for our wishing wall. (I even got to try out my new chalk markers to create the title on our chalkboard!)


chalk markers


We’ll be keeping all the materials out all week so we can write any more wishes that come to mind up until New Year’s Eve!


New Year's Eve activity for kids and family- Create a Wishing Wall! ~

 Wishing Wall Activity for New Year's Eve- Fun activity for kids and family using sticky notes!



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