Fine Motor Paper Circle Necklace for Kids

Grab some brads and paper to create this cool looking paper circle necklace craft for kids. It’s a great activity for fine motor practice and is fun for dress-up play too! (Doesn’t it remind you of a Hawaiian lei?)  It would also make a great math extension activity for younger kids learning about shapes or a fun Mother’s Day gift for kids to make.

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circle necklace craft for kids


We had so much fun creating these paper circle necklaces together! Lucy’s favorite part was selecting different patterns and designs for each necklace, while Theo was really focused on attaching the circles together using the brads.

These are super easy to make and have such a unique look. The kids have been using them for dress-up play and just wearing them around the house for fun. I think we’ll also be pulling this activity out for the next play date this summer! (This post contains affiliate links.)


circle necklace craft


Mod Paper Necklace Craft for Kids


Materials for Necklace Craft for Kids

  • Cardstock in different colors and designs
  • Circle punch (We used this one that cuts 1.5 inch circles.)
  • Brads (We found some different colored brads at our local craft store, but you can also just use regular brass fasteners.)
  • Single hole punch (This one is our favorite– it can cut through lots of sheets at once super easily!)


circle necklace craft

Directions for Paper Circle Necklace Craft

1. Cut a selection of circles out of your cardstock.


2. Punch a hole one each side of the circle.

materials for paper circle necklace craft for kids


3. Use brads to attach the circles to one another.

paper circle necklace craft for kids


4. Once your line of connected paper circles is long enough to fit over your head when made into a loop, connect the two ends together using a brad. (You can also use a small rubber band to attach the two ends together.)

Mod Paper Circle Necklace Craft for Kids


5. That’s it! You can try out all kinds of color and pattern combinations!

Mod Paper Circle Necklace Craft for Kids ~


Theo (age 3 1/2) spent about a half hour making his necklace. He was so absorbed in the activity! Learning to use a brad to connect two pieces of paper provided all kinds of fine motor practice for him. I wish I would have captured a picture of his smile when he was done. He was so proud!

Mod Paper Circle Necklace Craft for Kids ~


Here’s Lucy with a finished necklace. I think this would make a fun activity for her to do next time she has some friends over for a playdate!

Mod Paper Circle Necklace Craft for Kids

paper circle necklace craft for kids

Fine Motor Paper Circle Necklace Craft for Kids: Great way to practice fine motor skills, shapes, and patterns! Make great necklaces for Mother's Day or even a Hawaiian luau! ~


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