Math Patterns Using Apple Prints

Here’s a fun fall craft for kids using apples~ creating math patterns using apple prints! Children can practice their patterning skills through this super fun art process. (This post also includes a free printable where kids can create their own apple patterns on paper.)

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Such a fun math activity for fall! (Math Patterns Using Apple Prints w/ FREE Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


One of our favorite fall themed learning activities is making apple prints! It’s so easy to do and can be adapted for a wide variety of ages.

This year we used apple printing to make our own math patterns- such a fun, hands-on math activity for kids! And for children that are ready to create their own patterns on paper, this post also includes a free printable where kids can make their own apple patterns with crayons. (This post contains affiliate links.)


 Math Patterns Using Apple Prints

 Materials for Apple Print Patterns

Directions for Apple Print Patterns 

1. Cut your paper in half lengthwise so it measures 18 x 6 inches.


2. Place some red, yellow, and green tempera paint onto paper plates.


3. Cut some apples in half to use for stamping.


materials for making math patterns with apple prints


4. Invite children to use the apple halves to stamp a pattern onto their papers.


Math Patterns Using Apple Prints


Be sure to hold the apple from top to bottom rather than on the sides- you get a better grip!


making apple print patterns


5. Once the apple prints have dried, use a brown marker or crayon to draw a little stem on your apples. Cut out some little green leaves and glue them next to the stem.


cute apple print craft for kids


You can create all kinds of different patterns!


apple print patterns


Don’t leave out the younger kids- they might enjoy making an apple print collage!


fall art for kids: apple print collage


For children who are ready to create patterns on paper, print out the free apple patterns printable. Kids can use crayons to color in the apples making three different patterns.

apple math pattern free printable~ Buggy and Buddy


Fall Math for Kids: Make patterns with apple prints


Fall Math for Kids: Make patterns using apple prints! (Younger children can make apple print collage art projects!) Includes free printable recording sheet! ~


  1. Nice one.Apple prints look good. Will try this with my daughter though she may be a bit young to be this neat.

  2. This is a perfect fall math activity!

  3. Really like the idea of combing print art with maths. Will definitely try this with my daughter!

  4. Good thinking! 🙂 We did apple printing but we used it to make puppets! Will have to repost it from one of my closed blogs! Thank you for reminder! 😉

  5. I love activities that combine several subjects. Math couldn’t be more fun than this.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  6. This looks like an awful lot of fun! I’m pinning it to my Fall activity board so I can come back to it later. #MomsLibrary

  7. amanda davis says:

    Love this idea absolutely fab

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your lesson. I sometimes cut out a chunk from the apple to make a handle the kids can grip. Two cuts from the top and two from the side.


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