Free Printable Halloween Charades Game for Kids

If you are looking for a fun Halloween game for kids, you’ll definitely want to try our free Halloween charades game! This would make a great activity for a classroom Halloween party or just a fun family game for October!

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Halloween Games for Kids: Charades~ Buggy and Buddy


Our whole family has been playing Halloween charades over the last few days. Even Theo has joined in! It’s been a fun way to interact and play together as a family, and it would also make a great game or activity for a Halloween party!


Halloween Games for Kids: Charades

1. You’ll first need to print out the two Halloween charades printables. Each page has different Halloween items that can be acted out. (The second page also has some blank spaces to add your own ideas.)


Halloween Games for Kids: Charades

Cards for Halloween Charades- Page 1


Halloween Games for Kids: Charades

Cards for Halloween Charades- Page 2


2. Cut out the rectangles with the pictures and words to be guessed and fold them up. Place the folded papers in a container. We used a basket, although I just noticed today that either Theo or Lucy has moved the folded papers into the mailbox from our pretend play post office. Apparently, you can even use a mailbox!


Halloween Charades~ Buggy and Buddy


3. Take turns drawing a paper from the container and acting it out in front of your audience until they guess it correctly.  (If your child is not yet reading independently, you may want to go over each picture beforehand to be sure they know what each one is.)


Halloween Charades~ Buggy and Buddy



You can make up your own rules to suit your family or group of kids. We would start out the game with the rule that the actor could not make any noises. If no one in the audience was able to guess the correct answer, we would start giving clues and allowing sounds.

This can be adapted to almost any age. I was so surprised that Theo (my 2 year old) even understood how to play! A few times he went to the basket and drew out a paper. He’d run around the room acting out his picture making any sounds his item might make. It was too cute!

Make it your own– Lucy has been adding more and more papers to our charade basket over the last couple of days. I have a feeling we’ll be playing this for quite some time!

Halloween Charades Free Printable~ Buggy and Buddy


Halloween Games for Kids: Free Printable Halloween Charades- Fun party, classroom, or family game to play with kids of all ages! ~


  1. What great fun it would be to try and guess what we were each trying to act out!

  2. Hi Chelsey. What a great activity! I’m always looking for creative ways to play as a family. Thank you for sharing today!

  3. This looks like so much fun–my kids will seriously love it! We all enjoy “acting” games! I’m pinning it on my (CarlaINHouston) Free Printables!! board!

  4. How fun! Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  5. The classic games are sometimes the best! Thanks for sharing the printable with After School.

  6. It would be great activity for my family. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for posting this great game idea! I teach ESL in Taiwan and I think you’re game would be a fun activity to get the kids speaking English and also an engaging way for me to discuss the holiday. Thanks again!

  8. Super fun! Thanx for the printables! We’re going to do “backwards charades” for our class party. One child or two children are the guessers, while the rest act out a card. No pressure for those quieter children. Also, we put our in a Halloween pumpkin instead of a basket.


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