Gift Ideas for Kids: Cool and Unique Toys

If you’re looking for some new and unusual gift ideas for kids, you’ll love this list of unique toys. There’s a building car model that lights up,  a super cool set of stone-like blocks, and more!

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Gift Ideas for Kids: 9 Cool and Unique Toys Kids Will Love~

I love new toys I’ve never seen before, and many of these are definitely new to me! Not only are all these toys absolutely awesome looking, but they all encourage growth in various areas, from geometry to sensory play! (This post contains affiliate links.)


9 Cool and Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 


unique toys for kids

Laser Pegs: Sports Car– This 8-in-1 sports car kit looks neat enough as it is, but you can actually make the car light up when you’re finished building it!

Guidecraft Storybox: The Girl Who Loved Danger: I am just in love with these storyboxes from Guidecraft- all the pieces you need to retell a story or make up your own are right it a little box. This particular storybox is an African folktale.

Areaware Balancing Blocks: I so badly want to get my hands on these balancing blocks. This set contains 10 that you can use to build all kinds of sculptures!



cool toy ideas for kids

bObles Tumbling Crocodile: This cute little crocodile is actually kid-sized piece of tumbling furniture made from strong EVA-foam. Kids can sit, stand, and climb over this little guy!

Eeboo Mosaic Felt Color & Shape Design Developmental Game: We have this activity at home and LOVE it! It comes with a small felt board, 72 triangular felt pieces, and 100 puzzles for the kids to try to make. Both my 3 year old and 6 year old play with it endlessly!

Fraction Formula: Now this would be a fun, hands-on way to learn about fractions! In this 4-player game, kids race to be the first player to get to ‘1’. This game would be perfect for both home and the classroom.



cool toys for kids

Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom: We are huge believers in the importance of music in daily play. We’ve used this drum in music classes for the kids, and Lucy and Theo always get so excited to use them. This would be fun to have at home to play along with music and for creative play!

Kimochi Boxed Set: Have you heard of Kimochi dolls? These stuffed dolls are designed to help children learn about emotions. Each doll has a little pocket that holds stuffed feelings- like happy, mad, sad etc. Lucy loved using hers in all kinds of pretend play. I even included it in our feelings center!

ZoLO Chance- Creativity Play Sculpture: This building kit is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. Imagine all the interesting characters and sculptures your child can make with it!


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