15 Ways for Kids to Explore Color Mixing

Kids naturally love to explore color mixing. Whether you’re using paints, playdough, or even ice, color mixing can be a wonderful learning experience and a great way to encourage creativity!

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15 Ways for Kids to Explore Color Mixing


My kids are always enthralled with mixing colors. Anytime I get out paints for a project, they are excitedly mixing and creating their own colors. I love seeing how excited they get when they create a color they didn’t expect or when they make a color that’s just right for their project.

By allowing children time to explore color mixing, whether on their own or in a directed fashion, kids can begin to gain an understanding of color theory in a hands-on way.

Color mixing doesn’t have to just be done with paints. You’ll find all kinds of creative ways for kids to explore color mixing in this collection of ideas from some wonderful kid bloggers!



15 Ways for Kids to Explore Color Mixing

mixing colors with kids

Mixing Colors in an Array from Buggy and Buddy

Color Mixing with Marbles in a Bottle from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Mixing Colors while Baking from Buggy and Buddy

100 Colours Hundred Square Activities from Nurture Store

Rainbow Playdough Color Wheel from Babble Dabble Doo


color mixing with kids

Create and Name Your Own Colors from Buggy and Buddy

Mess Free Color Mixing on the Light Table from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Color Mixing with Ice from Learn Play Imagine

Rainbow Spin Mixing from Babble Dabble Doo

Rainbow in a Bag Color Mixing Experiment for Kids from The Artful Parent


color mixing with kids

Magic Foaming Dough Color Mixing from Sugar Aunts

Color Mixing with Playdough from Buggy and Buddy

Color Theory Ornaments from Mama. Papa. Bubba

Color Mixing with Rainbow Oobleck from Learn Play Imagine

Color Mixing with Tempera Cakes on a Mirror from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds



Art for Kids: 15 Ways to Explore Color Theory- Hands-on color mixing activities for children including playdough, paint, sensory play and more!

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