Alphabet Activities for Spring: Alphabet Flower Garden Activity

Exposing children to the alphabet in a creative way can help make learning letter recognition and letter sounds fun! Here’s a spring-inspired alphabet activity that provides an opportunity for children to play and interact with ABC’s!

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Alphabet Flower Garden Spring Activity for Preschool: Fun, hands-on way to learn the ABC's and name practice!

Learning the ABC’s with an Alphabet Flower Garden Activity

Open-ended ABC activities can be fun for children of all ages. My two year old is in the process of learning his letters and sounds, while my five year old is working on spelling. Our alphabet flower garden provided them both with the opportunity to learn individual literacy skills through play! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Materials for the Alphabet Flower Garden

different sized clay pots

Setting up the Alphabet Flower Garden

1. Start by creating your flowers.

  • I wanted my flower stems to be green so I soaked the mini craft sticks in green Liquid Watercolor Paint overnight. The next day I rinsed them in water and placed them on some paper towels to dry. This step is completely optional. The flowers look just as nice when left as natural wood!
  • Write one letter of the alphabet toward the bottom of each stick using a Wite-Out pen (so the letters stand out). If you did not dye your craft sticks, a black sharpie should work fine.
  • Place one flower sticker at the top of each stick.


Popsicle Stick Flowers for ABC Practice


2. Now you’re ready to prepare the garden.

  • Line a tray or cookie sheet with green felt. The felt helps to keep the pots from sliding around and adds some color. The tray will help catch stray beans.
  • Fill each clay pot with dry black beans and place the pots on the tray. (You could also use a different variety of beans, rice, or even play dough like Fun-A-Day! did with their Plant the Flowers Math Game!)
  • Add your letter flowers to the pots by pushing them into the beans.


Practicing the ABC's with an Alphabet Flower Garden Activity~ Buggy and Buddy

Playing with the Alphabet Flower Garden

Both kids were so excited to discover the alphabet flower garden waiting for them!


Discover the ABC's activity


Once Lucy discovered the letters on the flower stems, she began creating all kinds of activities! She made up a rhyme she’d repeat over and over as she made the flowers jump from one pot to another. She also enjoyed spelling her name, seeing how many words she could create, and even creating patterns!


Lucy playing with the alphabet garden


Theo has really been interested in spelling his name lately so I create a mini name activity using the alphabet garden. On one of the pots I wrote his name.


Teaching how to spell a child's name


I put the four flowers with the letters in his name in the pot.


A fun way to teach a child how to spell their name!


Theo loved ‘picking’ the flowers and putting them in order to spell his name!


spelling his name

Other Activities You Can Do with the Alphabet Flower Garden

  • Create patterns with the flowers.
  • Use the pots and flowers to practice skip counting by various numbers.
  • Put all the flowers in ABC order.
  • Sort the flowers.

Learning the ABC's with an Alphabet Flower Garden~ Buggy and Buddy


We left this alphabet activity out for quite some time. Both kids would go back to it often to play and learn!


Learning Activities for Kids: An Alphabet Flower Garden~ Buggy and Buddy


Alphabet Flower Garden Spring Activity for Preschool: Fun, hands-on way to learn the ABC's and name practice!

Spring Learning Activity for Kids: The Alphabet Flower Garden~ Buggy and Buddy


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ABCs and 123s Ebook


  1. Oh how I love this! The “surprise” of pulling up each letter makes it so much fun.

  2. What an awesome activity, Chelsey! I plan on adding this to my flowers and plants theme for preschool. I can see so many extensions for using it with my son, who’s in first grade. And I ADORE the name pot just for Theo!! I envision having little flowerpots in my classroom window . . . with every child’s name!

  3. This is so sweet Chelsey! I especially love Theo’s version. Great idea!!

  4. Amparo Leon says:

    Excellent activity. I love the name pot!!!, I’m going to do it with every child in my three year old classroom, especially at this time when they are learning how to write their names. I’m sure this activity is going to help them a lot.

  5. This is adorable! Pinning 🙂 I guess I need to go shopping for flower stickers this weekend!

  6. This is really fun! Pinning. 🙂

  7. This is SO CUTE!!! Love it! I love that you suggested other ways of playing with this =)

  8. I love this activity! We will be picking up flower pots soon to make something similar! So inspiring!

  9. I think this is a great idea. Another thing you could use are numbers and some arithmetic symbols, like plus, minus, divide, and multiply. Then the kid could use the numbers and symbols to solve arithmetic problems.

  10. Terrific idea. I am featuring this post in my After School Round Up tomorrow.

  11. I think this is a wonderful activity to welcome spring!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  12. Super Cute! I just put on my to-do list a 5 Day series about Homemade Alphabet learning and manipulatives. This will be awesome addition to the long list I have acquired. Thanks for linking up to the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop. Hope to see you next week!

  13. What a lovely idea! They brighten up the room! I must do something like this for our classroom. 🙂

    Mars M.

  14. What an adorable idea! Featured your little gardens on Mom’s Library!

  15. stephanie says:

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  16. Such a cute spring time activity x


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