Easter Crafts for Kids: Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket

Here’s a simple Easter craft for kids that’s lots of fun- a sponge stamped Easter basket with colorful eggs! It’s easy to setup, perfect for preschool and kindergarten, and the kids always love it!

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Easter Crafts for Kids: Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket~ BuggyandBuddy.com


Theo enjoyed using sponges to stamp our caterpillar craft so much that I just had to come up with another sponge painting activity for him! This time we stamped colorful Easter eggs and used paper to create a basket to hold the eggs. This post contains affiliate links. 


Easter Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten: Stamped Easter Eggs and Paper Basket ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Easter Craft: Egg Sponge Painting for Kids

Materials for Easter Egg Craft

Directions for Easter Egg Craft

1. Use a pencil to lightly outline a basket shape on the bottom of your art paper. (You can print out this free printable basket shape to use to make your own tracer. Cut out the shape and trace it onto something sturdy like an old manila folder. Cut out the shape from the manila folder and use it for tracing nests onto art paper!)


tracing a basket shape on art paper


2. Cut some egg shapes from your kitchen sponges.


egg shaped sponges for Easter craft


3. Set out some paint in various colors.


tempera paint for Easter craft


4. Dip the sponges in the paint and stamp eggs onto your paper, right above the basket.


Easter craft with sponge painting


5. Cut your brown construction paper into small strips.


small strips of brown construction paper


6. Glue the strips all over your Easter basket on your paper.


brown construction paper Easter basket


7. Draw the handle of your basket using a brown crayon or maker.


easter craft for kids

Easter Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten: Stamped Easter Eggs and Paper Basket ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. What a fun project! Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup


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