Crafts for Kids: Chalk Stencil Heart Collage

This heart collage made from chalk is one of our favorite crafts for kids! Children always seem to enjoy this fun method of creating art using chalk and stencils!

 Heart Collage Made with Chalk & Heart Stencil (Fun heart craft for kids!)~ Buggy and Buddy

Do you remember our Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art from a few months back? We enjoyed that project so much that we wanted to try using the same method to make a valentine craft. We came up with this colorful heart collage. I love  how the hearts look like they’re almost glowing! (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. Thank you so much for your support.)

Chalk Stencil Heart Collage

Materials for Heart Collage

colored chalk

Directions for Making the Heart Collage

1. Draw a heart shape on your thick paper and cut it out. This will be your stencil for tracing.

2. Place your heart stencil on the black paper. Outline it with a piece of colored chalk.

Crafts for Kids: Chalk Stencil Heart Collage

3. Still holding the stencil in place, use a cotton ball to brush the chalk away from the stencil. Do this all the way around the heart stencil.

Crafts for Kids: Chalk Stencil Heart Collage

4. Remove the stencil to reveal your heart! 

Crafts for Kids: Chalk Stencil Heart Collage

5. Continue making hearts using different colored chalk to create your collage.

Crafts for Kids: Chalk Stencil Heart Collage from Buggy and Buddy


  • Try out different colors of paper for the background or experiment with mixing and blending the chalk.
  • You can even overlap the stencils to create some interesting designs!
  • Try making other pictures with heart stencils. We used the hearts to make a flower!

Chalk Stencil Flower

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  1. These are so sweet! My 7 year old would love to do this! My 3 year old would love to write on herself with the chalk, lol!

  2. I loved the lights, but I might love these more! Please do them all year round: lightning bugs, fireworks, ghosts!!!

  3. Great photos! I love your technique. It’s so versatile too. Chalk is such a fun medium that you don’t see often. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This would also work great with soft pastels!
    I’m going to try this technique in my art journal today, thanks for the idea :)

  5. I used to love doing something VERY similar to this. What I would do is use a regular pencil, draw a shape (since I was a young teenager, i would pick hearts), So I would draw a heart and then take a kleenex and smudge around the edge. It did something very similar this. I still love looking at the ones that I did from a long time ago, but might definitely have to do this one :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wow! These are beautiful and look like they’re fun to make! Can’t wait to try this out! :)

  7. This is a great project! I’ll bet your kids loved playing and seeing the results of their stencils! Thanks so much for sharing today via our FB page!

  8. HappyNanny says:

    Is there a something you spray on the project to maintain the integrity of the chalk?

  9. Hello there! We just wanted to let you know that we loved this activity so much that we’ve featured it today as one of our 5 Therapist-Approved Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids at The Inspired Treehouse! Thanks for the great idea! :)


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