Thanksgiving Printable: Things I Am Thankful for Story Window

Thanksgiving crafts for kids can be made meaningful by helping children focus on gratitude. As children create this “Things I Am Thankful For” story window, they will have the opportunity to think about all the things they appreciate in their lives. (This post also contains a free template to help you create your own Thanksgiving story window.)

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Great way for kids to share what they are thankful for! (Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: "I Am Thankful For" Story Window w/ FREE template)~


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to help kids focus on gratitude. In this Thanksgiving craft for kids, children will have the opportunity to illustrate four things they are thankful for.


The illustrations for this craft are made on a long strip of paper that is pulled through a window so that one illustration is shown at a time. Creating this Thanksgiving craft in a story window format encourages children to share their illustrations with others (making it perfect to share at the Thanksgiving meal). Children can focus on one illustration at a time as they explain why they chose each item. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: "I Am Thankful For" Story Window

Things I Am Thankful for Story Window

Materials for Thanksgiving Craft

Directions for Making Thanksgiving Craft

1. Print out the free story window template onto a sheet of white cardstock.


Free Template: I Am Thankful For Story Window

*Clip art by Scrappin Doodles


2. You can leave it as is, or cut it out like we did.


Cut out your thanksgiving story window


3. Use scissors or an exacto knife (obviously children shouldn’t use an exacto knife) to cut two slits into your story window where the dashed lines are located. (Be careful when using your exacto knife. I may not have put enough newspaper under the paper I was cutting and maybe left two deep, long lines right on our kitchen table. Whoops. Should have pulled out my cutting mat.) Set your story window aside.


use exacto to cut slits in your Thanksgiving craft for kids


4. Cut a strip of white construction paper so you have a white strip of paper that measures 3 inches x 18 inches.


5. Use your ruler to mark off a one inch border on each end and 4 four inch sections on the strip.


mark of sections on your strip of paper


6. Decorate the two border edges of your strip. (We made a checkered pattern.)


color the edges


7. Illustrate and/or write what you are thankful for in each box.


8. When you are finished with your paper strip, weave it through the story window.


Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: I Am Thankful for Story Window


Now you can easily share what you are thankful for with others!


Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: "I Am Thankful For" Story Window~


Thanksgiving Activity for Kids:


  1. Cute idea! Thx for linking it up at the Thoughtful Spot!

  2. Used these for our homeschool Thanksgiving celebration. The children loved them! Thanks! 🙂


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