Valentine Themed Math Activities: Measuring with Candy Hearts

This math activity using candy hearts is sure to be a hit with your child or students! Children will practice their estimation skills and use conversation hearts to measure various flowers on this free printable

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Estimating and Measuring with Candy Hearts (Free Printable) - Buggy and Buddy 

We’ve been having lots of fun with Valentine’s Day activities! (Be sure to check out our most popular valentine activities for kids.) Here’s another fun valentine activity- using candy hearts to practice measuring and estimating!


Free Printable Math Activity

Free Printable Math Activity Using Conversation Hearts


The free printable includes four valentine themed flowers of various sizes. Children will first estimate how many candy hearts are needed to equal the length of each flower.

Estimating and measuring with conversation hearts

After estimating, they will use their conversation hearts to measure the flowers.

Estimating and measuring with conversation hearts

Such a fun way to practice measuring with nonstandard units of measurement and flex those estimation muscles! 


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  1. Doing this today during our homeschool learning! Thank you so much for sharing.


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