Cool Science for Kids: How to Make a Cartesian Diver

Classic cartesian divers always make one of the coolest science activities for kids! In this activity you’ll create your own cartesian diver using a pipette and learn how to make a transform your diver into squidy diver. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     I remember being so mesmerized by the cartesian diver science […]

Children’s Books about the Water Cycle

The water cycle is a common science topic for students in a variety of grade levels (especially in states teaching the NGSS- Next Generation Science Standards). Here’s a collection of some of our favorite books about the water cycle. You’ll find books for preschool and on up! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Children of […]

Science Experiments for Kids: Exploring Surface Tension

We always enjoy all types of science experiments for kids! Our latest science experiment is all about exploring the surface tension of water and other liquids. This simple experiment for kids really intrigued my 5 year old and inspired her to come up with all kinds of ideas! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     […]

Science for Kids: Sink or Float (with Free Printable)

Kids love discovering which items will sink or float! It’s a great hands-on science activity for kids of any age and really gets kids thinking and predicting. Here’s how we set up our sink or float science project, as well as a free printable kids can use to record their observations. Follow our Science for Kids […]