Science for Kids: How to Make a Kaleidoscope

Learn how to make a kaleidoscope in this fun STEM/science activity for kids. It’s such a fun way to explore light, reflections, and symmetry! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Last week I made these super fun kaleidoscopes with my after school science class (which is composed of 1st and 2nd graders). […]

Science for Kids: Making Rainbow Reflections

Here’s a fun science experiment for kids all about rainbows! Have fun making rainbow reflections and exploring all the colors and designs that are created! Are you following our Science for Kids Pinterest board?   It’s time for some more fun science for kids!  Last week we experimented with plant pigments. This week are going to experiment […]

Science Activities for Kids: Mirrors and Reflections

Today I’m sharing one of our favorite science activities for kids- exploring reflections in mirrors! This is super easy to setup and children are always so intrigued with their discoveries! Are you following our Science for Kids Pinterest board?   Science Experiments for Kids: Reflections in Mirrors I am a huge fan of science experiments for kids! (We have […]

Toddler Activities: Play with Pompoms, Cardboard Tube and a Mirror

One of my favorite ways to create toddler activities is to gather up supplies I notice my toddler is interested in and placing them together as an invitation to play. This toddler activity uses just three materials- some pompoms, a mirror, and a cardboard tube left over from wrapping paper.  Are you following our Toddler […]