Popsicle Stick and Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Ornament

Here’s a super cute and easy homemade Christmas ornament for the kids to make. Just grab a few supplies to make these festive little Christmas tree ornaments! Follow our Christmas for Kids and Family Pinterest board!     Yesterday we use popsicle sticks to make Santa hat Christmas tree ornaments. We’re using popsicle sticks again to […]

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Glitter Spider Web and Spider

Here’s how to make a glitter spiderweb and pompom spider decoration for Halloween! This craft is fun to do together with kids of all ages! Follow our Halloween for Kids Pinterest board!   I have to admit Halloween is the one holiday we have the least amount of decorations for. Luckily I have two kids that […]

Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids: Glitter Hearts

Here’s an easy valentine’s day craft for kids– stamping glitter hearts with a cardboard tube! They’re super simple to make and can be used to decorate just about anything- even homemade valentines! Follow our Valentine’s Day for Kids Pinterest board!   Lucy and I have been doing lots of art with hearts lately! Recently we’ve had […]